Nice retro 2

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Dodane przez 4 miesiące temu
Długość: 39:43
Wyświetleń: 37,436
Kategorie: AmatorskieWybór kobietMiędzyrasowy
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20 dni temu
1 miesiąc temu
Being a nigger whore in those days had to be exciting and thrilling...I would have loved to be known all over town as the white trash nigger whore in those days...white men wouldn't touch a white woman that had been fucked by a had to be the best time ever to be a nigger whore.
1 miesiąc temu
Yes. Jamie from Chicago. They made money selling vhs tapes in swinger magazines in the 1990s
3 miesiące temu
Beautiful bbc!
3 miesiące temu
who does she look like...ha!!!! maybe :)
3 miesiące temu
Her name is Jamie. She used to sell her VHS tapes through ads in magazines like Hustler. I had quite a collection of her stuff. I often wonder what became of her.
4 miesiące temu
I have a couple of her movies on vhs..
4 miesiące temu
No fucking? Damn, should fuck the slut.
4 miesiące temu
Wow! This brings back memories! I used to buy swingers magazines in the U.S. back in the early 1990s. I remember seeing this woman advertising in them.
4 miesiące temu
The beauty of Black cock, like a fine wine...
Ages to sweet perfection !
Kisses of timeless love and devotion .... :-)
4 miesiące temu
4 miesiące temu
can't believe he didn't stretch that pussy with that massive cock.
4 miesiące temu
she does a terrific job with his black cock. Her family must be so proud of her. She's earned it. Thanks for the great post. Please keep em cumming.

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