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Dodane przez 6 lat temu
Długość: 05:27
Wyświetleń: 4,741,830
Kategorie: ObciąganieDojrzałeMomCycki
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1 miesiąc temu
We still like this clip.
11 miesiące temu
she's so chill about it.
1 rok temu
nice movie
2 lat temu
There wasn't any fucking!
4 lat temu
man i saw this movie before shit is crazy
4 lat temu
lovely woman
5 lat temu
sensual vid.
6 lat temu
This is hot, even there are no sex scenes. It`s good for imagination though.
6 lat temu
not bad. some imagination is needed but overall a good scene. and edwood says it all. y cant we find full leght movies like this or "sunny" ?
6 lat temu
The movie was terrific as the incest factor was portrayed with so much realism without the graphic porno scenes in it. Fantastic acting. 5*****
6 lat temu
Name : Spanking The Monkey (1994)
Good luck
6 lat temu
Good video
6 lat temu
EdWood knows his shit.
6 lat temu
This is not hardcore. Not close to it. In fact, I don't recall seeing anything remotely resembling Cinemax softcore. And yet, for those who have an imagination and who do not need sex spoon fed to them, this works because the acting is credible, the direction is focused, and all the technicals (camera work, set, lighting, etc.) work toward a realistic plot.

If this were my movie (and I have seen the entire movie), I would have gone in a different, more erotic direction than the stark realism portrayed here. But this passed the censors only because it added the shame and guilt element, thereby giving the impression of rejecting the notion of incest.

Alberta Watson is terrific in conveying smoldering passion and latent guilt. She makes this work.

I appreciate this post because, despite not being hardcore, it works in terms of erotica, sensuality, and pure taboo kink.
6 lat temu
To put this shit was not for anything better
6 lat temu
spank the fuckin monkey???????????
6 lat temu
Why would someone post a scene from Spank the Monkey ??
6 lat temu
Its from the movie Spank the monkey
6 lat temu
It's awesome, from what movie are these scenes?
6 lat temu
Great video
Понравилось именно качество постановки и игра актёров.
6 lat temu
6 lat temu
love that
6 lat temu
not working
6 lat temu
Not working!

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