Cafe Flesh (1982) (USA) (eng)

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Won the 1984 AVN Award for"Best Art Direction" & AFAA Award Best"Art and Set Decoration" - Michelle Bauer, Kevin James, Tantala Ray,

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Michelle Bauer (Pia Snow) still insists that she used a stunt-double for all her sex scenes in her adult career, but watching some of the others leaves you in no doubt that this wasn't the case.
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Andy Nichols ... Max Melodramatic (as Andrew Nichols)
Paul McGibboney ... Nick
Michelle Bauer ... Lana (as Pia Snow)
Marie Sharp ... Angel
Tantala Ray ... Moms (as Darcy Nychols)
Joey Lennon
Neil Podorecki
Dennis Edwards ... The Enforcer (as Robert Dennis)
Kevin James ... Johnny Rico (as Kevin Jay)
Dondi Bastone ... Spike
Paul Berthell ... Mr. Joy (as Pez D. Spencer)
Hilly Waters ... Ace
Autumn True ... Vamp #1
Elizabeth Anastasia .. Vamp #2
Polly Ester ... Enforcer #2
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THE TIME...Five Years After The Nuclear War. THE SURVIVORS...Post-Nuke Thrill Seekers Lookin' For A Kick.
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The creators of NIGHTDREAMS present a film so hot it has no place in a world with a future
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In the future, humans are divided into Sex Negatives and Sex Positives. The negatives get sick if they have sex so they go to Cafe Flesh to see positives who are forced to perform on stage for the negatives. Lana is a positive who everyone thinks is a negative and she must decide whether to come clean or not.
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User Reviews
The most artistic porn movie, by far

This is the best of best, or the less pathetic porn movie (that depends on your view).

It is so good that precisely the only flaw point in the whole movie are the unnecessary long hardcore scenes, surely made by pressure from the producers.

This movie has little of everything, scify, fantasy, sexual dreams, drama, comedy, good shows, good photography, good acting, amateur acting, low budget look, exceptional atmosphere, some very high stetics points, lots of psychological and conceptual ideas, etc.

The ending of the story is also a very high point. One of the best endings that I have seen on cinema.

In brief, if you like art get this movie, cut all the unnecessary hardcore out, and you will get a little gem.
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