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Caught Mom Giving Stranger Blow Job

Coming back from the pub after last orders one night, I heard the groans of a courting couple down the ally on our housing estate. I took a quick look and was totally dumbstruck when I saw it was my mother on her knees sucking this fat bloke off.

“What and the hell are you doing,” I shouted at them
Mom let slip his semi hard cock from her mouth and stood up, pulling her skirt down as she did.
“You get home,” I shouted to mom and grabbing her arm “And you can fuck off and leave her alone” I shouted to the bloke.

I dragged mom home with not a word said until we were in the kitchen
“What... Dalej»
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"Take off my panties!"

My Mom and Dad did their best to tough it out but, eventually, they both saw handwriting on the wall and decided to call it quits. Well, Dad and I ended up in a cheesy condo in Reseda for about 18 months while mom and my two s****rs got the house and the cars. Dad and I were not too thrilled about all of this and those weren't particularly happy times for us. Then Dad met Cynthia. I had to hand it to him, she was fine! She was a widow and that was unfortunate but she and her daughter Kristin had ended up with the nice house in Porter Ranch and the cars and so on. Dad put the moves on Cyn... Dalej»
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My s****r catches me, and then wants to join in.

Back in those good ol' days of Rock 'n' Roll I swear that we played our music louder -- even louder, than we do now. Perhaps that was just because I in particular couldn't afford decent earphones but whatever the reason, we'd turn the sound up high enough to rattle the roofs and windows -- and then wonder why it was that we all had troubles with our hearing years later!

But in those days of the 1970s and onwards we were happy doing 'our thing' whenever we had freedom to do so. I had my collection of tapes that I treasured above much else -- hell, I can still remember so many of them. AC/DC,... Dalej»
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Me and my step mom

I guess there is something wrong with me and my mom, but we enjoy fucking each other. I was a young guy 13 when my mom showed me her pussy to me. It started when I was downstairs watching T.V. when my mom called me to her room upstairs. My mom is very pretty, slim, C cup breast, long brown hair went down to her shoulder blades. Dad was at work, he worked during the day. Mom had her robe on, she told me to stand in front of the bed and watch. I was thinking, watch what. Mom took off her robe, she had her bra and panties on. She got in the bed, took her panties off and spread her legs open. She ... Dalej»
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Mrs. Jordan's Problem

Liz Jordan walked into her well-kept house after a long week of work. Now she was facing the worst part of her week. You see, the forty two year old now had to face three nights and two days alone!

The reason was her husband's long term assignment in Singapore. He was making some great money but what Liz needed was his long thick cock! He had been gone three months and would not be back for another three. Liz missed their frequent fuck sessions and frankly her need for sex had never been more acute.

"I guess it is true what they say about women my age. I could fuck all the time!" She sai... Dalej»
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Mature Farmers Wife

There she was on her hands and knees, black leggings stretched over her big arse and chunky thighs now nearing transparency of her white skin underneath. She turned when she heard me and looked up with a warm friendly smile.

Her oversized polo-shirt hung down showing her cleavage and her white bra keeping her big tits from dropping too much.. She stood up and wiped her brow of sweat as it was now a hot day and flapped her shirt to circulate some air within.

“Am I glad to see you” June said standing in front of a large pile of unwrapped sheep fleeces. “I’m so glad Mary could recommended ... Dalej»
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I was pretty young, I don't want to say my age, but I was riding my bicycle everywhere if that tells you anything. Our house back then was near a

public park and had nature trails everywhere you could ride or walk. They were surrounded by tree's and heavily wooded and I always enjoyed

riding down the paths and checking things out. We had a rule at home that was when the street lights come on, I better be home!

One day, I was riding my usual trails and I saw these two old men, about my dad's age, walking down the trail and then, just before they saw me,

they turned right and w
... Dalej»
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My Best Friend’s Mother

Trying to sl**p, I tossed and turned in the guest room of Todd’s house. He was my best friend, and I was staying over for the week as my parents had to head out of town because my uncle had a heart attack, which luckily he survived. Gradually I had dozed off, and hit dreamland as the storm battered the windows with such ferocity that it almost seemed they would break. The house groaned with the strain of the powerful winds, and the rain pelted it like a fanatical drumbeat.

I had a series of dreams, many of which I could not remember, but eventually I started having a wet dream, involving a ... Dalej»
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Pony for my daughter

Chapter 1 more to follow ???????????

"How are my folks treating you, Tammy?" Priscilla asked over the phone. The young girl was sprawled out on the bed, the phone propped against her ear.

"Your parents are real nice," Tammy replied. A hint of unhappiness revealed itself in the girl's voice. She was sitting at the bedroom window, looking at the street below. The city traffic and people bothered her. She wished she were back home on the farm in her own room.

"Your parents are great, too, Tammy," Priscilla said happily, cutting into Tammy's homesick thoughts. "The exchange program that m... Dalej»
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Daddy Shoots Deep

Daughter seduces daddy into taking her virginity.

I remember distinctly when things changed between me and my daddy. It didn't happen slowly over time. It came to me in a rush. I didn't realize at first exactly what was happening to me. I guess since I had never experienced sexual feelings before, I couldn't identify them as such right away. I do know that I was confused at first. Very confused. In my head I knew it was wrong – so wrong for me to have such feelings about my father. In my mind I was ashamed and afraid – but, between my legs, it felt so good that I could not resist.

It ha... Dalej»
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Nasty creampie sex with the ex

Rachel and I had been split up for about two years. Before the split we had a passionate relationship and a k** but had drifted apart.
Now two years on and we had both moved on and found new partners. All seemed good and we had become friends and I would pop round a couple of times a week to see the little one.

I couldn't help but notice that Rachel had started to dress more slutty since she started seeing Paul her new boyfriend. I had always tried to get her to wear stockings and heels for me when we were together, with a limited amount of success. Sometimes I would see her undies d***... Dalej»
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Sex with my mother's b*****r's wife: Doi

I began staying at my aunt and uncle's house when living with my parents and siblings became overwhelming during my college years. I wanted freedom but had no money to attend the state university or to pay rent anywhere. My parents were strict and watched over me like a hawk. Moving one state away to Uncle Joe's house was a bittersweet compromise. He was my mom's b*****r and would fill her in on any questionable activity of mine. I had to leave the few friends I had to go off to a city I knew little about. However, my aunt and uncle never bore c***dren so at least I had my own room with a litt... Dalej»
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Sex with mom


Marie sat across from Hope sharing tea, spiced with a little rum. It was loosening the tongues of both women and inner feelings were surfacing

"Bill's back is in really bad shape." Marie said. "The two operations has only made it worse. He can't work. Out of a week, he might have one good day. And if I take advantage of that day, it just about kills him."

"What do you mean?" Hope questioned. "If you take advantage of that day?"

"You know, sugar." Marie chuckled. "If I get a little froggy and want a little peter. I have never gotten enough from that old geezer anyway. I should h... Dalej»
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My Internet Men Gangbang

My Internet Men Gangbang

I am -- years old and have been married to the man of my dreams for -- years now. My husband and I have a very good sex life and have sex on average about 3 times a week. I love to give my husband blow jobs and to be fucked regularly, but 3 times a week is not always enough for me. I have an insatiable appetite for sex and like it a little rough. I also have voyeuristic fantasies and love porn. Around the middle of September, I just couldn’t get enough sex. I would wake up early just to blow my husband before work just to make sure he would fuck me properly that... Dalej»
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Big Cock Bigger Orgasms for Her

My wife and I are in our late forties and had been happily married for the past twenty years. We met after college and had built a very nice life together. We are extremely open with one another, and when it comes to sex we know we can share our most inner desires with each other. Over the years our sex life had been nothing but fantastic. I think we can safely say that we had built a mutual trust between us that is unwavering. 

It had been about a year ago when my wife came to me one night and said, "I need to tell you something, but you got to promise you won't get mad at me."

I was re... Dalej»
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Me and Mum watch vids.

My parents divorst when I was in primary school. My father moved out and it was just my mum and me. I am an only c***d.
I’ve always been attracted to my mother. She’s 5’6, shoulder length brown hair, very curvy with 38C breasts (yes, I checked one of her bras back then), and a full bush ( I had seen it many times in the bathroom ) At the time of this story I was 13.
I never missed him, since he is not a nice guy and frequently physically, emotionally and verbally abused my mother. I hated him for that. My mother looks like any mother , but she was the most beautiful woman in the world to me... Dalej»
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The Delivery

Being fresh out of high school with no work experience made it hard to find a good paying job, so I had to take what I could get. Having a good car and being at least 18 years old were the only requirements to work at Anthony's Pizza and with good tips, you could easily make over minimum wage. Given the other options available, this seemed like a pretty good one. Not to mention you could take home any "burner" pizzas at the end of the night.

During my first week of work, I was waiting for orders to come in with a couple of the other drivers. They always got first dibs since they had been w... Dalej»
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Started with cuddling

“Morning Daddy.” She said from my doorway. I looked up to see her in her bathrobe, glowing from the heat of the shower. Her wavy auburn hair hanging wet against her neck. She was a petite little thing, with B cup breasts (I buy her bras) and a cute figure. Both my daughters are gorgeous and I’ve always been proud of it.
“Good morning, Honey. Why up so early?”
Honey shrugged and then pounced on my king sized bed. “I want to cuddle.” She announced.
“Okay. I’m naked under here though, so can you get me my robe over there?”
Honey giggled and went and got my bathrobe from the hook I hang it on.... Dalej»
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Caught daddy looking at my daughter

I heard the shower going and I knew Amber, my daughter was using it, she had come home from her hockey match covered in grime and sweating profusely, 'I'm going to shower', she proclaimed as she dropped her kit at the front door and started stripping as she walked down towards the toilet.

I shook my head as she and I met outside the bathroom door, by then she was in her knickers only and about to peel them off without a care in the world, when I told her we had a visitor, Granddad had popped in for a cuppa and was sitting in the living room watching TV, or so I had thought, he was standing ... Dalej»
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more fun at the bathhouse

I went to a video room and sat on the hard bench to catch my breath and watch some porn. I reached down to finger my asshole. I had cum smeared on my upper thighs where it had leaked out of my ass. My asshole was relaxed and slippery with the three loads that had been shot up my chute in probably about 30 minutes.

A middle aged guy came in and sat down on the bench nearly opposite from me. He started jacking his cock. I motioned for him to come join me. He moved over and sat down next to me. I was on his cock instantly, sucking him into my mouth. It was smaller that average, but uncut,
... Dalej»
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The Plumber

I walked up to the door, another housewife with a washing machine that's screwed, hopefully she's a hot one, makes the day so much better!

"Nice house" I thought whilst waiting for an answer to my knocking, tidy garden, net curtains in the windows, BMW parked on the drive.

Someone comes to the door. Damn it's a bloke! "Yes?" he asks

"Hi I'm the plumber, you wife called me, she has a problem with the washing machine." I reply.

"Yes of course, she told me, good I'm useless at fixing things and my shirts need washing" - What a charmer!

"She's in the kitchen, go through I have ... Dalej»
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chapter 3 pony for daughter

Ellen and Ben Hudson smiled benignly at Priscilla who was wolfing down her lunch.

"Riding Beauty sure gave you an appetite, didn't it, Priscilla?" Mrs. Hudson said. She was tall, blonde, and blue-eyed an older version of her teenage daughter, Tammy.

Priscilla glanced up sheepishly. Her cheeks were flushed pink. Her brown eyes sparkled. "Yes, it did, Mrs. Hudson." She swallowed the rest her food. "It's so beautiful around here. Much nicer than the city."

Ben wrapped an arm around his wife and looked at Priscilla. "Ellen and I are going into town this afternoon. Would you like to join u... Dalej»
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I finally worked up the courage to meet my daddy.

It had been a while since I had heard from my daddy. Jon... his name immediately brings up a deep, guttural lust inside me that makes my cock stir. I couldn't count on both hands or feet how many times I had snuck off my job duties or slipped into the bathroom to stroke my cock, dreaming about my last fantasy encounter with him at the movie theater. Starting slow, then building steam re-living the warm spurts of cum that came out of my daddy's big dick in the dark corner of the movie theater. Getting so hot that I found myself completely missing my tissue target and shooting pump after pump on... Dalej»
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Wanna Eat It ?

I awoke this morning to the sound of someone stirring in our bedroom. I was on my side facing the middle of the room and opened my eyes. My girlfriend Sara was standing just inches from my face. She was naked and I was staring at her perfectly shaved pussy. The next thing I noticed was the scent coming from her. I love the way her pussy smells when she is aroused. After sex it is almost overpowering.

"Good morning , Billy. sl**p well?" she said.

"Good morning, Babe," I responded.

We had partied a bit the night before and I was starting to remember what happened.

We had two cou... Dalej»
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Younger s****r's crush on me

It all started when I was 18 and just moved to a new city because of my moms new/old boyfriend. He had, in the time him and my mother were apart, had two daughters one 13 and one 16 we got along quite well almost immediately and we had lots of fun hanging out. Around six months had passed by when I was told by the younger s****r that the older one kind of crushed on me when we first met, but she knew it was weird because our parents were together and had been married around 20 years prior. I didn't think much of it until later that night I lied in bed thinking about it, as no girls had paid mu... Dalej»
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friend fucks girlfriend

It was a lazy weekend.
My girlfriend and I had taken a few days off from everithing and decided to enjoy some good old fucking.
We had all sorts of fantasies that we wanted to fulfill.
She is a tall, thin, very flexible and she has a cute face.
We started the weekend by having regular sex but after a while we decided do make things intresting.
After about 2 days of not answering the phone and beeing completly isolated one of my friends decided to check on me, to see what was going on.
When he rang the door my gf was tied to the bed blindfolded and I was eating her pussy. She had her puss... Dalej»
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It is All Black & White in the f****y!

Sandra heard a knock on the back door as she looked at the clock. Yes it was ten o'clock already. She knew who was at the door and what was about to happen. Her pussy grew moist. It was hard to believe that this weekly ritual had been going on for fifteen years.

Sandra opened the door to see Bo standing there in his sheriff's uniform. For a white man he was good looking with his reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. At forty he was in excellent shape. He was holding the laundry bag and smiled at her as she opened the door.

"Hi Sandra, I brought the laundry. Jenny said to remind you not to s... Dalej»
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Bi-Cross Dresser That's Me!!

For the longest time I would only top. Then one day my Bi male fuck buddy brought his wife and her well hung boy friend to one of our hotel meets. Her BF was very gentle then once he was inside me he slowly picked up the pace. Soon he was pounding me like a madman. It seemed like an hour but it was more like 15 mins. When he finally came in my ass I saw stars. There's nothing like a real cock filling you with hot cum. This was the one and only time I came from being fucked anally. I've had several cocks since. But nothing compare to the one that popped my cherry. I remember on the drive home I... Dalej»
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Bobbie's Mom

Let me tell you about the time we finally got our hands on Bobby's mom.

Bobby is a good friend of mine and there are usually four of us that hang out at his place most weekends. There is a couple reasons for this, Bobby has all the coolest game systems, they have a pool in the back yard and his mom.

His parents split a few years back, never really found out why, and they moved into town shortly after. When they first moved here she was the typical busy mom, not to active and while good looking was not anything spectacular. Just you know, normal.

Not long after starting her new job sh... Dalej»
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Dose of Black Cock

My husband Rick had been bugging me to fuck a black man since his buddy had got a black guy from an e****t service to screw his wife.

"No, I'm not going to let some guy I don't even know fuck me!" I insisted.

In the early years of our marriage we had done some swinging with two other couples that were friends of ours. It had been fun but as we started families we gradually drifted apart.

For the past several years it had just been Rick and I had been just screwing each other except for that one Superbowl party where I got d***k and the guys all gang-banged me.

At least I knew all t... Dalej»
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The Second Cock I Ever Sucked

This is the first story I have written so apologies in advance for my rusty grammar. Any comments or constructive criticisms are appreciated.

When I was a teen there was a guy me and my friends would see about. He was quite a bit older than us. I think he was about 45 then, stocky with tattoos. Rumors would go round that he was dodgy and bisexual and to keep away.

One day when I was out alone I got talking with him, his name was Jim and he seemed friendly enough. He invited me back to his place for some bullshit reason probably? I thought about what my friends had said but I was curious ... Dalej»
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Learning with Mother

Back in 1980's when I was about 13 1/2, my step farther was killed in a car accident which left me and my mother.
She was 32 at the time,.
I'm sure she was wanting to help me to get through the trauma of loosing my stepfather.
So when bed time came, she had me sl**p with her instead of alone in my bedroom.
For the first few nights (so as to not embarrass me), she would allow me some privacy time to put on my pajamas first and then get into bed. Then, when it was time for her to change into her nighty, she used the bathroom across from her room. And when she did, she never completely clo... Dalej»
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The road to my first time as Christy (part 1)

Hello, I've been meaning to put down my story for a long time now. This is the story of Christy (me) from thoughts of cross dressing all the way through to being fully sissified by a fantastic top this past January.

This is all 100% true. Not sure how many parts I'll break it into, or how much detail I'll include in every section, but I think it will be too long if I don't break it up. I just feel the need to share how I got to this place today and hope others appreciate it.

Let me start at the beginning. I grew up in a rural community in the Midwest. I was athletic, good looking, ... Dalej»
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Two city girls visit the country

I'd met my new friend Tessa under circumstances that were, to say the least, strange. We had both been masturbating in the Ladies room at University and ended up trading panties. So far so weird, but Tessa had gone to a lot of trouble to find out where I lived, and when she came round to my flat it wasn't long before we were rolling around in the bed like women possessed.

Now Tessa has an uncle who owns a mixed dairy and arable farm in the Lowlands, and she suggested that she and I go down there one weekend for a break from our normal city student life. I was quick to agree, as I've nev... Dalej»
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WPC Stephens' Bad Day

WPC Stephens’ Bad Day

A tale of a tricked policewoman’s woes by Asmodeus_seed.

WPC Jane Stephens looked at Earl’s phone with growing unease as the video clip he was showing her became obviously something she hadn’t expected or wanted. She glanced at his grinning face, his white teeth were exposed in a smile that went from ear to ear and his eyes bored into her as her fear became obvious. She glanced at his two companions, Jimmy and Ali who had grins to match Earl’s. The three boys were standing eye to eye with the young policewoman and obviously enjoying her discomfort.
She had been... Dalej»
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Becoming the House Bitch

We had all been friends for years, and decided it would be a good idea to move in together. It was four of us, including me. There was Doug, Ryan, Rich, and me. We were all single, straight, masculine guys. Or at first we were straight.

Doug was always the one that could get loud and obnoxious when he was d***k. He always made sure people were paying attention to him. It was no different the night everything started.

We were all hanging out outside, having a few drinks. It was a hot day and we sat on the patio all day, drink after drink. We all were starting to loosen up and have fun. It... Dalej»
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I Caught my girlfriend and her son.

Thursday evening is my darts night out with my mates, we go of to the pub for a pint or two and a game of darts, I lost my game and had had a few pints so at around 10 o'clock i thought sod it i'm off home.

So I walked the ten minutes to my home I would not normally be in until midnight or later, I was surprised to see al the lights off knowing my girlfriend and her son were at home so I guest they must be in bed so I was as quite as possible going in.

When I reached the lounge I could hear noises coming from up stairs it sounded like the headboard hitting the wall like someone was hav... Dalej»
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Kate Gets Blitzed

The first time I saw Kate, we were standing in front of
the downtown office building where I had been working
for the past five years. Her confident smile
immediately caught my attention as she motioned for me
to enter revolving door.

I remember wishing she had gone first. I would have
enjoyed checking out her cute figure a bit more. She
looked to be just a few inches taller than my 5-3, with
a trim, athletic build and pert breasts.

"What am I doing ogling another woman?" I said to
myself as I rode up to my office on the tenth floor. I
noticed t... Dalej»
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Lesson in Pheromones

Good afternoon class. Today we’re discussing pheromones: chemicals produced by one member of a species that trigger a response in another member of that same species. In particular I want us to consider sexual pheromones and the remarkable way they can overwhelm all social conventions and attitudes concerning what we think of as taboo. I’ve arranged a practical demonstration of this phenomenon with one of your classmates - and we congratulate her again for winning this year’s science fair - and her father who has agreed to help out today. As you can see he is holding a pair of his daughter’s p... Dalej»
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Brittany's Panties

I must begin by telling you this is not a work of fiction, but true as life gets. I consider myself the luckiest man alive, and it's all due to my teasing daughter Britany. I am a 40 year old blue collar worker, married with 2 k**s, Brit, who is 18, and Stacy, who is 16.

Britany has, rather recently, developed quite the sexy body, her breasts now are 34b, and she is quite leggy, as she is almost 5'8" tall. She is an athlete at school, and her body is quite firm. She lately has been wearing sexier clothing, mostly short skirts, almost see thru tops, and is very tanned. She has been teasing m... Dalej»
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My very first anal

I’ve read a story here and decided to share my own very first anal experience with you guys, too. So I was 19, young and stupid. I was a really wild girl. Scott was 14 years senior. I thought he was too old for me. He wasn’t really handsome but there was something wild about him. Real a****l magnetism. Just a look and I was unable to resist… Every time we had a date I was telling myself it was the last time, I had to get over him. He was married, he was older, I didn’t love him at all. Anyways, I got back home late at night after a wild fuck… I didn’t take him seriously… till that time. Well, ... Dalej»
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The best sex I've ever had with a man! ♡

I have been lucky to get to live most if not all of my sexual fantasies. Being Bi, I've had the best of both worlds. This particular story is my favorite with a man. I was in college and was no stranger to sex. I always enjoy it. This time was was my first older man. I met him at a local place on campus. He worked for the college, with the football team. He had played college and professional football and was in terrific shape. I was 19 and he was 45 years old. When we met, I was immediately attracted to him and he was to me. We ended up chatting for a long time ... Dalej»
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The Hospital Volunteer

A few years ago I worked in a busy hospital in London, IM a male nurse, and worked in a busy ICU. At the entrance to the hospital there was a shop that was run by the hospital volunteers, and usually there would be two ladies manning the counter. I would buy a daily paper from them and have a chat. One of the ladies was called Pam, and I guessed her age to be around late fifties to early sixties. She looked good for her age and looked after herself and took pride in her appearance. She stood about 5'4'' slim with long brown hair that she always wore up, she wore very smart clothes and high hee... Dalej»
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A Young Man's Fancy

Finally the day had come - his 18th birthday had arrived and with it his own laptop at last. He seemed to have been waiting for centuries for this day, hamstrung by his parent's refusal to let him loose on the internet alone...until now.

But from today he was free; no more parental control; no-one looking over his shoulder to supervise his browsing and he was ecstatic.

He was Chris, the strapping son of Bill and Sally; all 6 foot 2 inches of him; all 170 pounds of him. He who had another year to go at college; he who had girlfriends coming out of the woodwork it seemed; he who's jeans al... Dalej»
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Milwaukee Cuckhold and her disabled husband

I had been having an issue with my foot and was stuck at home for most of two months and was going stir crazy and was still looking at another month at least. Judy felt bad for me but wouldn’t leave me alone and stayed at home with me. Finally, summer camp came up and the k**s were going to be gone for a month. Judy kept asking me if I wanted her to jerk me off. I kept telling her no that she should go out and have fun.

She felt so bad for me that one day when I had a doctor’s appointment she took me with while she went to see her ther****t. We finished my appointment at the orthopedic surg... Dalej»
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Picking up my daughter from school

I picked up my daughter after first class
I waited nervously in the car. At a small fast food place I waited for my daughter. I watched her grow from c***d into a stunningly hot teen. I had dropped her off earlier in the morning and I told her that I wanted to talk to her after her first class…
In the last year she really blossomed, and I began to think of her differently. Started when I was watching her get ready for school one day, and she was now wearing thongs under her uniform, and multiple times went with no bra… I know it’s wrong, but I began to fantasize about fucking her. Many a mor... Dalej»
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Looking After Charlie

It was the phone call that every parent dreads, the one from casualty.

"Hello, Ms Williams, this is Nurse Ratched from the Royal Infirmary. We have your son Charles with us at the moment." At this point I died a little. "It's not too serious, he's got a broken arm and some cuts and bruises but he's basically fine. Would you like to come and collect him?"

"Five minutes, give me five minutes," I said as my heart pounded.

"As I said, Ms Williams, he's basically fine. There's no great rush."

There's no great rush? When your only son is in casualty then there's always a rush. I grabbed ... Dalej»
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Lusting for Mom

"I've left dinner for you in the microwave," Jen smiled as she leaned in to give her son a peck on his cheek.

"You know I can manage on my own Mom." Dan smiled. "I do the cooking at Uni and have survived just fine!"

"I know sweetie." Jen patted his face lightly. "It's just that a mother loves to look after her son. Now, I'll try not to be late. I hate having to go out like this but I need to update some figures for the marketing proposal tomorrow."

"Ah! Don't bore me with your work Mom, I understand... just go. Go and finish what you have to do. I'll be fine."

Dan walked his mother... Dalej»
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Loving My Mom Pt.

I was sound asl**p in bed when a loud noise woke me up. I switched on the bedside lamp and looked at the time. It was 3 in the morning. I kept listening and soon heard some more noises coming from the living room, so I got up and went to check it out. I was only wearing my jockeys but didn't think anything about it. After all, it was probably just Mom getting in d***k from the bar, and we lived alone.

I was right. When I got to the front room Mom was stumbling around and giggling. This didn't surprise me. Mom had been doing this a lot this past year, and I didn't know exactly what to do ab... Dalej»
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Chapter 2 pony for daughter

She stepped back, glanced down at her tits. They were soaked with pony spit and flushed pink from his nuzzling. Her plump tits felt swollen and heavy.

"Do you lick Tammy's tits, Beauty?" she asked him.

At hearing his name, Beauty waved his head in the air as if to answer. He brought his slobbering lips back to the creamy flesh of tittie meat. She tasted sweet, just like Tammy. His rubbery lips gnawed gently.

"Ah ... ahhh ... ahhh! Don't bite me," she gasped heatedly. Warm cunt juice saturated the crotch of her bikini panties as she stood in front of the pony. Her knees trembled.

He... Dalej»
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