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Sleeping with Mother

When I was about 14 years old, my mother and I moved to my grandmother's place. We used to live in an small flat before.

My grandmother was old, she lived in a Victorian styled house in the city. My mother still had her bedroom in the house, which my grandmother used as a guestroom when her c***dren would visit. My mother and I would sleep in her bed.

My mother had a nice figure, Sharing the same room with her I started becoming more and more aware of her body. At home, in our flat I saw her naked a lot; she would always leave the door open when she undressed,

I started looking at he... Dalej»
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Mommy is my first

My mom called herself a social drinker which meant to me that she drank every weekend and on a few days during the week. Some school days, I would come home and discover that my mom had usually fixed herself her first drink of the evening around 4 pm. She seemed to consume anywhere from four to six drinks during the evening. Some days, however, she would overindulge and end up sloshed. That would put me into the position of having to go out to some fast food place and pick up our dinner since she wasn't in any shape to cook.

My dad was a P.R. representative for the company he worked for and... Dalej»
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Boyfriends dad had me......

It all started when my (now Ex) boyfriend parents invited him and I on holiday over 15 years ago. I was 19 and my ex BF was 21 and his parents were probably in their late 40’s. They were called Thelma and Jim and were pleasant enough. I often caught Jim staring at me and I found it quite amusing that he was getting turned on lusting after me.

It was August and Thelma and Jim had booked us all into a Bed and Breakfast in Margate for 4 days and I must admit I was looking forward to the break, some sun and lots of sex as I’d been neglected by my BF as he’d been working a lot. So I... Dalej»
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Aunty Jean

It was 1979 and I was fifteen, and spending more and more time at Aunty Jeans as my uncle John took me trout fishing every weekend. We had also had issues at home with the central heating boiler for what seemed like weeks, and I had been getting a bath there as well. .

Aunty Jean was fifty-two and an attractive woman for her age. Her body was a slim with a small waist, and nice round hips and shapely legs. Her bust was small , she wore a 34B bra always unwired, and full cut satin panties with a half slip. Probably a blouse or tight sweater, and a pencil skirt or odd occasions a pleated one... Dalej»
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Real..Me, My wife, and my Cousin

I have a cousin named Billy Joe, but we all call him BJ. He`s one of the pretty boys...long blond hair, awesome blue eyes, perfect, leathered Indian skin...and some awesome tattoos. He`s really muscular, really funny, outgoing, and an all-around great guy. ALL girls want to fuck him, so why would Diane be any different. So....One day, I was drinking at home, BJ called me, and asked me and Diane to come over for a cookout. I had no problem with it. In fact, we stopped on the way to get meats for the cookout, and extra beer. When we got there, he was sitting in the yard, having a beer, an... Dalej»
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Complex kink

I dated my wife four years before we married. In all that time I never had a hint that she had a kinky side. I may never have discovered it not for what happened one day. What happened was I had gone over to a friend's house to help him on four wheel drive truck. I had called home to tell my wife where I was and that I'd be home around seven that evening. This was perfectly normal behavior for me as I always wanted her to feel safe and loved. It happened to be late October and in Georgia the days are very mild but after the sun goes down it gets chilly.

Well sometime around five o clock a ... Dalej»
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Who Knew?

It was Sunday November 22th, 2015 and I had taken my nine-year-old son to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday. He had finally reached the age where got excited instead of whiny when we had to stand in line for a ride. I was really enjoying the day when my phone buzzed in my pocket and, half annoyed, I pulled it out. As the next few minutes went by waiting for the Pirates of the Caribbean, I stared at the text messages on my phone in complete and utter disbelief. They were between me and my son's twenty-one year old babysitter Lindsay.

"Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Hope it is a good 1... Dalej»
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Loving Mum Part 1

Even as a young schoolboy, I was fascinated with my mum. I remember
getting up early for school each day just so I could catch a glimpse
of mum dressing in front of the roaring open fire. To see mum pulling
up her panties or sliding on her stockings, gave my pre-pubescent cock
a raging stiffy.
Mum has always been a good looking woman, lovely long legs and gorgeous
tits, I remember regularly wanking my little prick thinking about mum.
Years later I graduated to taking her panties out of the laundry basket
and can still remember the sheer excitement of wrapping them round my... Dalej»
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Milking, Mother & Son

This is not my story. I'm re-posting it for someone else

Milking Mother & Son

Part 1

Let's start by saying that this isn't one of those stories where the mother has made it rich or is the perfect ten in every aspect. But how do I describe my mother? The woman who birthed me almost twenty years ago and has done her best to provide me with all I could ever need. 

I couldn't have asked for a more loving parent even if I'd wanted to. If I needed support in any way, she's always been there to pick me up and dust me off and then tell me everything will be ok. That no matte... Dalej»
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Wife's sloppy seconds

I've been reading and watching videos on the cuckold subject for a long time and found it exciting. I finally got up the nerve to bring up the subject to my wife one evening after dinner. We were setting on the deck relaxing with a mixed drink, I was looking at how beautiful my wife looked. She was wearing a short pleated tennis skirt and a tight cotton tank top. The light blue fabric of the skirt really contrasted with the dark tan of her bare legs. As we talked I couldn't keep me mind on our conversation, I kept thinking about how sexy she would look with another man beating her shaved pussy... Dalej»
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Anal Mom

I let out a loud sigh. The salad bowl managed to fall off the counter and shatter on the kitchen floor. This, of course, sent pieces of glass, lettuce, carrots and everything else all over the tile and even under the dishwasher. Great. I knew my son Tim would be here any minute and I wanted us to have a nice dinner alone. But after getting back from the gym and this fiasco, I would lucky if I was out of the shower when he got here.

I started to sweep angrily. My husband was gone again. Always business and always for more than a few days. I looked up at the mirror over the sink (it was my ch... Dalej»
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My first sexual experience, and yes it was gay

When I was much younger (I won't mention age, so don't ask) I was staying the night at a friends house with several others. We all had to share beds and I got to bunk with a guy who we will call "Adam" We were laying on a fold out couch just outside his mom's room. We were laying there and I pretended to be asleep when I felt him start touching me. I got hard almost immediately but still pretended to sleep because I had no idea how to feel about this. It felt so wrong and yet right at the same time. He kissed and licked my stomach just above my underwear. Soon enough, he had my dick out and wa... Dalej»
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Holiday with Mum In Spain

My mother couldn't stop talking all the way to the airport. We'd booked a bargain three-night break on the Costa Blanca, and Mum was bubbling with excitement. She kept talking about what we'd do and wondering about the hotel.

She was already dressed for the warm weather: she was wearing a short, thin flowery sun dress with a halter neck that left her back, arms and shoulders bare, as well as revealing a generous amount of cleavage. On the train we sat on sideways-facing seats, and at first Mum kept trying to tug her dress down over her bare thighs, but it was a hopeless struggle - it didn't... Dalej»
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I pasted my wife's test

On June 10th I was relaxing and reading a few cuckold stories on xHamster when I needed to piss. I was almost half way through a really good story so I laid my phone in my recliner and headed to the restroom. When I returned I saw my wife had picked up my phone and she was reading that story. I sat down without saying anything and started watching the TV.

After half an hour my wife tapped my arm with my phone and I took it from her. She asked if that was exciting to me? Is what exciting I responded. She said CUCKOLDING... Oh I studdered...yeah. She said would you like to do that in real li... Dalej»
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Mother and mischievous son

Last Saturday i found myself and Jason my son home alone. Usually he would go out but this week he had to stay in as tomorrow was an early start. My husband had gone into work to look at a computer issue in the office.
So Jason and i were alone on the couch watching a movie about a woman having an affair.
As the movie progressed it had some very intimate moments which set off an arousal within me.
As time passed the sun went down and the room darkened, lit only by the television screen flickering the images of hot sex
Jason sat beside me was still in his bike shorts and t-shirt which he wo... Dalej»
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The Sibling Diaries P01


I should have known I was biting off more than I could chew when I signed the lease to this apartment. Actually, the word apartment is really not adequate to describe my place, penthouse is more like it. Although technically I'm not on the top floor, I might as well be.

Glass walls with a sunken living room overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge plus 1500 feet of living space, it's more like a house sitting on top of the city.

After I saw the steam room, the gourmet kitchen and wine pantry, I was putty in the leasing agent's hands. It was the height... Dalej»
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Had a few drinks in downtown Key West and was feeling this growing urge to suck some cock and perhaps get some cock in my ass. Again, it was off to the spa at the Island house where I got my day pass, got naked and stuffed my clothing in a locker. I decided to head to the bar for a couple rum and cokes before heading up to the video fuck room.
The bar was full of naked men and happily, there was one stool available. I sat down between two thin, rather feminine chaps and to my joy, both of them had rather soft, shaved uncut cocks which I shamelessly and openly admired. The guy on my right caug... Dalej»
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The First Time Best Time

The First Time Best Time

by theduck1930



This file contains sexually explicit material which may include graphic depictions of u******e, nonconsensual and unprotected sex as well as i****t, adultery, sodomy and b********y. It is distributed on a website clearly identified as "For Adults Only". Possession by a minor is strictly forbidden. If you are not legally empowered to be in possession of such material, do not read it and delete it immediately.

This work is copyrighted 2017 to the author. It may be posted to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "... Dalej»
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Mum undies

Looking at the clock Mark realized he had to get changed back into his own clothes before his mother got home from work. His door was ajar so he could hear her arrival and he knew that could be any minute. He cut it as fine as he could each time but however exciting the prospect of getting caught he knew it would cause all sorts of problems.

Slowly, sensuously, he undid the suspender belt fastenings and began to roll the almost sheer black stockings with the lacy tops down his legs. He loved the feel of them against his skin and, even though he had only just cum, he felt his cock stirring i... Dalej»
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Mom Ass

My mom was pretty broken up about it, and so she gave me the job of cleaning some of his boxes out of the study and garage. Well, there was a lot of crap there, old school texts and boring stacks of appliance manuals and whatever. But there were also some porn mags, and videotapes. I knew there was gonna be something bad on them, so I waited until no one was home (my older sister was living with us too at this point; she's pretty hot, blonde with big tits, but she's in college now, so this story really isn't about her at all) and I slid it in the VCR. I don't think I've gone a day without jerk... Dalej»
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Your wife tries black cock

Laura and her husband had been enjoying a bit of a renaissance in their sex life, going out more and trying out new things. It was on one of their date nights that you admitted to Luara that it turned you on when she dressed up a little especially when the other guys checked her out. Laura was a little taken aback at first, taking herself off to the restroom to freshen up. On her return to the bar Laura strayed to the other end of the bar, taking a bar stool and showing off some thigh as she crossed her legs. It wasn't long before a guy approached her and they chat for a while. You watch as th... Dalej»
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Cum for Mom

My Mom is Addicted to My Cum
It was a Sunday morning when Mary noticed something was wrong with her teenage son Matt. “What’s wrong honey? You look awfully sad.”

Matt wasn’t particularly close to his mother, and I suppose it’s only natural that teenage boys begin to distance themselves from their parents, but today was different. Something had been eating away at him for quite some time and he was already at his limit. He sat silently at the table looking down at his plate of food. Although they weren’t that close, Mary was an extremely loving mother, she had always babied her son whenever... Dalej»
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Mark, you have got to get up. I have to get to work and you know I can't be late today.

Damn, I have her panties around my cock and am jerking hard. I love it when she puts her panties in the bathroom and goes to work in a hurry. I have wanted to fuck my Mom since I was 14 but now that I am 18 all I do is jerk my cock on her panties and wish it was her jerking me.

The door opened and Mom was standing there and she let out a yell, "What are you doing..."

I couldn't stop and I started cumming and it shot 3 feet in the air and I started moaning "Mom oh Mom" and she just stood there watch... Dalej»
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Mom time

After work one day, a co-worker and I went out to a dance club for a few drinks. Just us two girls on the town for a little nightlife. My son was home before I left for the club, and quite shocked to she his mom in a short black dress with a deep neck line.

I'm 42 years old, and I'm told still quite attractive. I'm 5'10" about 120 lbs, blue eyes, 38d 23 32. I guess it runs in the family, my son's a looker too. He seems to get a lot of attention from the girls at his school.

So as I leave the house for my night of fun, I give him a peck on the cheek and tell him not to stay up late. He'... Dalej»
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Lovers (Mother, Son, Interracial, Voyeur, Age Diff

There wasn't any doubt anymore. The truth was in front of her, in color. In photos and videos. There was no point in denying.
49 year old Linda Cox took one last look at the folder in front of her and then sighed. She knew she will have to talk to her 19 year old son tonight.
But what could she say? What made her so uncomfortable? The fact that her son's girlfriend was a black woman? Or that she was obese. Not plump, not even fat, but outright obese.
250, maybe even 300 lbs!
"Morbidly obese.", Linda thought.
Or was it her age? The woman's birth certificate, pulled from the public records... Dalej»
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Gail straightened things out

Since I planted the thought of cuckolding in my wife's head it has grown like I'd never thought possible. Gail is a gift from God to me. At five four and one hundred pounds her blonde hair and blue eyes do draw attention from other men very often.

I noticed this back when we dated and even though I felt a bit of jealousy I couldn't help but urge her to dress in sexy short outfits that would show off her perfect legs. The entire time we are together I'm in a constant state of arousal just from watching her drawing attention from men . Once at the state fair while getting on a spinning swing... Dalej»
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Topped By My Neighbor

I’m not sure beautiful is the right word. She was my next-door neighbor, a suburban housewife with sassy short hair and curves that just never stopped. She had these wonderfully full breasts and hips that I had fallen for. I was a very horny high schooler and the way she would wander around their pool and into our yard to ask for a favor from time to time just did it for me.

She and her husband lived next door to us and when they were out of town they would as me to feed their cats and take care of their pool. Her husband stopped by one day and asked if I wanted a job taking care of their po... Dalej»
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Jeremy takes a new job and rents an apartment from the mother of a friend of his mother's. He finds some old photos of her stashed away in his apartment which leads into a relationship like none he'd ever had

Jeremy was only a few months out of college when he finally landed a decent job. He’d been working part-time and living at home while he was job-shopping for a ‘career’ position that was somehow related to his studies as a Marketing major.

He had been applying for many positions in different locations, and it was a great relief when he’d been offered and accept... Dalej»
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I have always liked wearing tights (Pantyhose) from when I was 12 years old and had to wear red ones for the school play, by the time I was 16 was hooked on them and joined amateur dramatic societies but only went in for the plays where the men wore tights. I was getting addicted to guys in them showing off their bulges and beginning to get really interested in the men as well.......... So far managed to hide my tights fantasies from anyone.. but I was desparate;y wanting to meet a man wearing same for mutual fun. I was wearing them for work under my suits, wearing around the house with a T sh... Dalej»
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My Aunt the Slut

I was almost there, just a few more strokes. I thought I was safe and alone. Then my Aunt Kay walked into the room and there I stood completely naked with my hard cock in my hand. I froze. "Hey Ben, don't mind me I just had a few things to put away. Keep doing your thing it is perfectly normal for a young man to be doing what you are doing." She said as she put some of my jeans in a drawer and left the room.I felt a little weird and was not interested in finishing.

I live with my aunt and uncle and have for all my life. They are my parents though older. They are well educated, both hold... Dalej»
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A Brunch Munch

Justine wants to blow and screw her boyfriend, Darren, dressed only in his shirt. Seems her mum Judy has already surprised Darren in the kitchen.

I went down the stairs in Darren’s shirt....

There had been a sudden extraordinarily sexy raunchiness that filled me when I put on Darren’s shirt. It was the first time I had ever done it.

My lover boy was down stairs in my kitchen, in only his boxers; getting us brunch.

I was in front of the mirror in my room, checking out myself in his light blue shirt. It suits my sapphire eyes and long brunette hair. I felt like I was inside him, not... Dalej»
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Fun before school


Helen stood in her kitchen starring out the window. This morning wasn't any different from most mornings.

The coffee machine bell rang bringing Helen's mind from her wondering. She quickly made herself a cup. Her eyes went back to the window and wondered why she was so alone. Helen felt eyes on her and turned around. There was son Mark. "Morning mum. Are you all right?" he asked. "Good morning. I'm fine honey." Helen said.

'He's such a nice boy. And quite handsome.' she thought. 'No he's your son.' Helen quickly turned around before her eyes came any lower. Mark knew what his mother... Dalej»
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Mom time

After work one day, a co-worker and I went out to a dance club for a few drinks. Just us two girls on the town for a little nightlife. My son was home before I left for the club, and quite shocked to she his mom in a short black dress with a deep neck line.

I'm 42 years old, and I'm told still quite attractive. I'm 5'10" about 120 lbs, blue eyes, 38d 23 32. I guess it runs in the family, my son's a looker too. He seems to get a lot of attention from the girls at his school.

So as I leave the house for my night of fun, I give him a peck on the cheek and tell him not to stay up late. He'... Dalej»
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I'm a Black Cock Super Star Now Gay

I was bored and horny as hell. It was another dull Friday night, just after 10pm and no one was online so I decided to drive into town and buy a couple new toys and rent a flick. My girlfriend and I had just broken off our engagement after she found out I was bisexual and I was depressed. My male friend was off with his family for the weekend, so I had plenty of time to waste. Since I had only planned on going in for a couple minutes, all I wore was a pair of sweat pants, flip-flops and a t-shirt, I didn't even bother putting any underwear on. I jumped in the car and made the 30-minute drive. ... Dalej»
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It’s very late at night when you answer a knock at your door. On opening, you see me standing in the little pool of light in the darkness; a young, above average height girl, with shoulder-length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m wearing a pretty dress and in my hands I’m holding a pair of strappy heels and a clutch bag. I’m a bit mud-splattered and bedraggled. “I’m so sorry for disturbing you but I need some help. My car broke down a little way along the road. I saw your light and hoped I might use your phone. I have my mobile, but it’s dead”. Facing me I see a tall, well-built, older man. ... Dalej»
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His name was Harry Balzer but I called him Hairy Balls he was my college professor in advanced arts class we became friends after a term paper that I wrote caught his eye I think what really caught his eye was my cute round butt that I inherited from my mother but I like to think my term paper was good too! We stayed friends even after college and one weekend Hairy invited me over to his lake house he said he wanted to show me a painting he just acquired I said sure I had nothing going on anyway and a weekend at his lake house sounded like fun! I showed up at his place and we thre... Dalej»
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Trained by a Shemale Mistress

I had often fantasized over the years about having an experience with a transsexual. On a drive to NYC I had the opportunity to make this happen. I thought that a one time experience would be enough. Little did I know that Ashleigh had other plans, or soon would have.

I drove to her hotel where she met me at the door. 5'10", shoulder length blonde hair, light make-up, very pretty. A semi see through blouse showed off her white bra. Black skirt below the knees, stockings and black open toe shoes. Elegant, and sexy.

She invited me in and after a bit of small talk she took my hand and... Dalej»
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In the Old Farmers Cottage

Let me introduce myself to you;

I am a 19 year old girl with short brown hair, and an athletic build, long legs,with rather large boobs that tend to make me look a bit top heavy.

In between college terms, I scanned the local paper for a part time job so's I could earn a bit of money to tide me over until the new course started after the summer break. My eye was drawn to an ad which wanted a domestic, twice a week. That seemed ideal to me so I rang the number and an interview was arranged.

I turned up on the due day on time at the address that I was given, although being very difficu... Dalej»
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4x an hour

I was 18 horny as f*** the wind would blow I'd be hard as iron but that's the way it is when your young and full of c**.

I had been working on my Harley and having finished fixing it  and cleaning it thought I'd take it out for a cruise , so I decided on riding over to Toledo cruise the down town area, so I got on to the turnpike got off at the Maumee exit and headed towards Maumee to take 25 into Toledo.

I saw this great looking cherry red 82 Mercedes 450 SL sitting along side  Reynolds rd. the 4 ways were flashing a hot looking blonde was sitting in the car with the t... Dalej»
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Runin A Train On Christy

RUNNIN a TRAIN The Christy Saga

Christy, my ex girlfriend called me telling me she needs money badly. I asked her for what. She says she is behind on her house payments. I asked her how much. She says she owes $4500. I said what!, $4500! That’s a lot of money! She says she’s knows and started sobbing. I told her I don’t mind helping her but what do I get in return. She asked what I wanted. I said well I don’t know but it would have to be big because I knew she couldn’t pay me back.
“I’ll fuck you whenever you want.” She said.
“No, I ain’t paying you to fuck me, I already get pussy.” I explai... Dalej»
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A night intruder uses me

That night I woke up in my bed after hearing a strange sound in the kitchen.
I was home alone; my loving husband was overseas on a business trip.

Feeling so lonely, I went downstairs in the darkness. Then a strong hand grabbed my shoulder and made me turn around.
After being almost frightened to death by that black intruder, I began yelling at him to get out, crying and screaming loud in the middle of the night…

Then the burglar`s efforts ceased in being about stealing her possessions and I think he became more concerned in enjoying my mature body…

Grabbing me by my curly hair, the ... Dalej»
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Nightclub girl

When I was in my early twenties, I found that a good place to pick up girls was the local club. It wasn't much, but on a Friday night people would come from miles around to drink themselves silly and hopefully cop off with some of the local talent. Because the drinks were so expensive, people would often pre-drink, or get nicely toasted in the town pubs - you were a loser if you went into the club right away, and it didn't start filling up until after 11. It was Friday, I was waiting at the bar of one of these and got chatting to a very attractive girl called Laura. She told me that she'd just... Dalej»
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I had to get a summer job my parents told me I was not going to be hanging around the house playing video games and getting under foot plus it would be good work experience for me blah blah blah...the only job I could find in the area was a job at the local bakery the bad thing was I had to be there very early in the morning well the bakers name was Bobby and he seemed nice enough but as we were working I kept feeling him staring at my ass I couldn't catch him doing it but I just knew he was yeah I have a nice ass I think kind of round and girly from sitting around playing too many... Dalej»
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Greek Beach Sex Holiday First Day

We had chosen to go to St. George South on Corfu. We were already into beach nudism and also I had become aware that my wife, Erika could be persuaded to " flash" for an interested voyeur.

On our first full day we walked along the vast beach stretching away from the village. At the far end there was already a number of naked couples enjoying the sun, so we stripped off, laid out our towels and put up our sun shade as neither liked full sun.
Beginning of the holiday, and yes, we did feel a bit randy, but it was not possible to do anything about it, with other people close by.

We mus... Dalej»
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The Sibling Diaries P02

Getting Started

It'd been years since I'd returned to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay. The day I arrived, the sun was out, the fog rested just outside the Golden Gate. Oh my God, the cable cars, the Bay, Mount Tam, Angel Island, south-of-market… My head was spinning, and there was so much to do.

After arriving at Oakland airport and renting the car, I'd made good time into the city in spite of the foggy conditions and early morning traffic across the Bay Bridge. I made my way into SOMA, the South of Market district, where my new job was, only to discover they were closed for... Dalej»
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“Oh fuck, Annie

“I was thinking about it all the next day while I was away in Belfast,” she continued. “After dinner in the evening, I made an excuse about having a headache, and went back to my hotel room to look at Lush Stories again on my laptop. I read a couple more of your stories, then I looked at some of the other stuff. I found their store, and looked at the stuff they had, and found the Lelo vibrators. And I was so turned on, I thought sod the cost, and ordered one. And they must be really efficient, because it arrived on Monday – I couldn’t believe it!”

“Which one did you get?” I asked. ... Dalej»
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The plumber see too much!

Ding Dong! answer?
I Rang the Doorbell again, and just as I turned to walk away, the Door opened a little! "Hello luv..I've just come to repair your boiler"
"Oh right, you'd best come in then" the lady replied.
She opened the door fully and i walked in squeezing past her.
"It's in kitchen she said"' pointing down the hall.
She was wearing a housecoat and looked as though she'd just got up out of Bed. "I'll be back in a minute" she said, and with that went upstairs.
I watched her walk , and my eyes slowly followed from her feet, up to her bottom, which was only just being cove... Dalej»
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Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 6

The Finale...

We both cleaned up after our last fuck, we were a mess, but we were having a blast. After we showered and dressed, I offered to take Linda out for dinner. She was concerned about being seeen locally, so we drove a little over an hour into Pennsylvania where I found a really nice restaurant. Thankfully this trip was the break we needed. The ride, the restaurant and the ride back was pleasant and I was happy for the break, my cock needed a rest.

When we got back to Linda's house we popped a couple of beers and went out by the pool. The evening was warm and we were just enjoy... Dalej»
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Getting fucked wearing white pantyhose

As you may have figured out by now, I have a huge fetish for nylons, more specifically pantyhose. I try to wear it as often as I can, even under my work suit while I am at work. It always gets me in the mood to do some very naughty things.

On one of those work days with me wearing pantyhose under my clothes I found my focus wasn't on work. So I decided to hit up CL and look at some of the adds. After looking over the time wasters, creepy, and sometimes very odd ones, one stood out. It was an add for a guy in his mid forties and he was looking for some afternoon company, and the best part, he ... Dalej»
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My Mom

My hands were resting on my mother's naked shoulders. In some ways it was nice to feel her being close, but I was still trying to getting used to this kind of closeness. Most of the time I was trying to keep my eyes closed and breathe calmly in and out, an occasionally I looked out of the window to my left. It was a perfectly normal afternoon outside, the sun was shining and I actually think even a bird was singing.

"Not quite yet, mom," I eventually had to sigh.

I felt the warm lips moving for a while longer until mom knew she had to give up for now. My mother was naked and on her knee... Dalej»
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