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Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy


"Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! You fucking bastard! Fuck me like I'm Tracy...Fuck me like I'm Tracy..." Tonya was growling into her husband's neck as his thick cock drilled in and out of her tight ass. Her pussy was done. He'd been pounding away at it off and on for a couple of hours, and it needed to rest. Todd's thick cock was hard, and abusive on her soft, fleshy, wet insides. He had left her pussy sore, red, and inflamed after so much pounding, and squirting. Her clit was on fire from the hard grinding from his pelvis. Now, her ass hole was getting to be a victim. "Yeah? You want fucked li… Przeczytaj więcej

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Katie the office slut fucked by the boss


Katie, wife, mother of three, monogamous for all my married life, well until about a year ago when I went into sexual overdrive, a mature woman who knew what she wanted - cock and the more I got the more I want. My changing sex life is there to be seen in pictures and stories. After many years of one man, one cock I have lost count of how many cocks have stuffed my holes during the last 12 months, strangers, Harry’s friends, my friends ex partners, customers, twenty truckers and counting and last Christmas I was fucked sensele… Przeczytaj więcej

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Balling Sally , my wife's grandmother


If anyone would have told me three months ago that I would be having sex with my wife's 65 year old Grandmother, Sally, I would have laughed in their face. The fact is not only am I doing it , but to be honest with you I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Simply stated the old gal is twice as good in bed as her 30 year old granddaughter. Here's the story on age: Sally married my wife's grandfather at 15 and my mother-in-law was born when she was 16. My mother-in-law married at 18 and had my wife at 19. Sally is 65, my mother-in-law is 49 and my wife is 30. I am 31 and my wife and I have been marr… Przeczytaj więcej

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Discovering Our Housemaid's Secret


It was on a Wednesday afternoon that I reluctantly came home early from work at around 2pm. I noticed my wife's car wasn't there parked in our driveway as usual and that meant I had the house to myself for a while. I didn't tell her or the kiids that I'd be home early so it wasn't exactly a surprise to me. I had just parked my car in my usual spot when suddenly my phone rang and as I picked up my phone I saw it was my darling wife Brenda. She immediately started asking me questions about dinner plans for later or whatever else crossed her busy mind and she just wouldn't give me the pause… Przeczytaj więcej

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Mother's New Sex Toy.


The tension in my house was so thick, you would need a chainsaw to cut through it. It all began around 6 months ago. Dad accepted a promotion as a warehouse supervisor. The only problem was, that now he'd have to work the graveyard shift. But he was getting an extra $3 an hour more, and to him, he felt the extra money would really help us out living in a state of 'tax raising loving' politicians. Not to mention too, that I was a growing young 17 year old that was eating more, and growing out of my clothes. Not out, but up. I was tall like my dad. We were both about the same height. He was 6'2"… Przeczytaj więcej

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Accidents Happen

PodglądaniePierwszy razTabu

My wife was away on a business trip for a few days. It was a warm summer week and the k**s summer vacation just started and we had a hard time finding a babysitter to watch the k**s so I could go to work, So I decided to take a few days off so I could watch them. It was a hot Monday afternoon. we were all dressed for the weather, wearing our shorts and t-shirts. My k**s were having fun playing in the yard. While I sat and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I noticed a good looking women riding her bike on the road, I had seen her before, and wondered when she moved to the neighborhood. I wasn't s… Przeczytaj więcej

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Becoming A Cocksucker

GejPierwszy raz

After my third divorce a year ago my sex life was strictly masturbation . I would browse the porn sites and jack off several times a week preferring to be by myself . To make a long story short I began to watch gay porn , really getting into watching all of the hot guys jacking off , sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass . My favorite videos were watching men sucking cock , eating cum and taking hot creamy facials . I would get my cut 7 1/2 cock so hot and hard as I slowly edged and began to lick my sticky wet fingers and eat my cum ! It was so hot the first time I actually came in mouth… Przeczytaj więcej

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Growing up with Ringo


We had numerous house pets growing up and often several at a time. As one of three k**s you had to get dibs on a dog or cat to sleep with. Ringo was a retriever mix who was my favorite. He just kinda showed up on our property one day when I was eight or nine. My sister n I fought over him til eventually Ringo decided my room n bed was where he wanted to sleep. I would hold him til he fell asleep n then he would lay at the end on top of the covers. I don’t know exactly when I discovered that he had an interest in licking me between my legs but when he first did it I go ahead and let him. I even… Przeczytaj więcej

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Ex Wife becomes a Slore

AnalSeks grupowy

A few years back when I first moved to Texas I was working at a Country Club and lived in a small studio apartment, the sleeping area had a ¾ high wall separating it but had no door. My ex-wife Megan (she is 26yo, brown hair,blue eyes, about 165lbs, C-cup breasts) are still friends and would discuss personal happenings. She had started a long distance relationship with an old army buddy of mine, they had gotten together twice before they had broken up. a few months later we were eating lunch together one day while school shopping for our son (he was off playing in the play area). She was telli… Przeczytaj więcej

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bending over does not mean fuck my ass


As I waited for the front door to be answered a strange voice said "may I help you." Somewhat surprised I said, "I'm Roger I'm here for Judy." With that the door opened and a big, older woman I did not know announced "Hello. I'm Judy's mom Sylvia. Judy told me to tell you she tried to call you to tell you she had to go to work at the last minute, but your answering machine never picked up." Now I remembered Judy said her mom was coming into town. I must admit I was curious about her because Judy has said derisively her mom is way bigger and older looking. Judy thinks I like younger women and… Przeczytaj więcej

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An Anonymous Relationship - 1


This is a story that I started to publish earlier but never finished. If you are easily offend by Taboo stories please move on. If you would like a story that has sex in it please read on. Chapter 1 "It was so cool last night! I met this guy and wow we had the hottest role play yet!" Said Stacy. "I don't know about that! You have no idea who you were chatting with on the net. I hear that some of the real perverts can track you down." I said as I looked at my friend "It is totally anonymous! There is no way for… Przeczytaj więcej

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My first time with a craigslist shemale escort

TransPierwszy razAnal

Before my current girlfriend I was in a relationship for about 3 years. Towards the end the sex got boring and not as frequent as I’d like. I started browsing for escorts in the area, something I never did before. After looking and looking I was reluctant to spend that money on something if given a little effort I could get for free. When curiosity struck I started looking at the shenale escorts. Prior I had watched some shenale porn in the past and remember getting very turned on by it. So for the next few days I kept going back to this one in particular shenale I found, I’d look at her ad th… Przeczytaj więcej

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Casino Lucky

Seks międzyrasowyDojrzałe

No, I was so close! my mind screamed. Frantically, I turned and swung my right leg over Mike's face and positioned my wet, gaping pussy over his mouth. Jamaal had just been fucking me with everything he had, when he had abruptly stopped. “I was so close" I whispered. Then just as he was sliding his heavy cock out of me, I wiggled out from under him and mounted my husbands’ face. He had been kneeling on the bed next to us taking pictures and lazily jerking off. “Lick me, honey. Lick me, and make me cum,” I pleaded to my husband. “Shove your tongue into me. “Fuck me with your tongue. Make me cu… Przeczytaj więcej

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My wife’s Mom Rosa


My wife’s Mom Rosa My wife Gina and I are upwardly mobile, we both work and good jobs, and moved out of the city into the ‘burbs. We have a nice split level home, and no k**s. Maybe k**s one day, but we are happy as we are. Gina’s Mom, Rosalie came to live with us. Rosa as I call her is a short gal in her 70’s, with dark hair and a bit of a moustache. Kind of plump, nothing sexy about her, but she is a real sweetheart. She will not let us do house work, as she lives for free and feels it is her duty to help us. She cooks a few meals, and best of all, she makes coffee in the morning, so Gina… Przeczytaj więcej

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My pregnant Sis

TabuAnalPierwszy raz

My sister's real name is Laura, but I've been calling her B. J. which stands for Big Jerk for almost as long as I can remember. It's all in fun because Laura is not a jerk, and I love her dearly. It's just something that evolved out of us growing up together with her four years my senior. She is twenty-two now which makes me, ready or not, eligible to vote and screw up just like an adult if I so desire. I don't feel any different than I did a month ago, but everyone is insisting that I am now a man. Big deal. The really big deal in our house is that B. J. is pregnant - six months pregnant a… Przeczytaj więcej

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Reluctant Wife Gang Fucked with Hubby

AnalSeks grupowyDojrzałe

Amsterdam in late May.  It's a beautiful city; evocative, cool, fun and the weather was glorious.  We had only been there for a day and had already reached saturation point for gorgeous babes on bikes...  it is a saddle sniffers paradise, that's for sure. 'We' were a party of guys from Scotland, celebrating my nephew's 21st birthday.  He's not really my nephew, but I've been close to his dad since we were at school, and he's always called me 'Uncle Funghi'!  haha.  When he introduced me to his mates, they naturally took it up as 'Uncle Fun Guy', and I lived up t… Przeczytaj więcej

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My voluptuous stepdaughter

Pierwszy razTabu

It was at the end of December, my mother in law had fallen sick with a respiratory infection, she required hospitalization, when all the family members arrived at the hospital they had a family caucus, my wife Gloria volunteered to stay the first night by her mom's hospital bed. It was close to midnight when I was ready to drive home when my stepdaughter Yolanda offered to me to spend the night at her house, instead of driving all the way home, she is a widow mother of two k**s, she left them at their grandmas house, so she was to be alone that night. She left ahead of me, and said "I'll have… Przeczytaj więcej

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Pierwszy razHardcoreLesbijki

Amanda was a pretty girl, with almond shaped eyes, and a smile to die for. She had a head full of reddish blond curls that she wore in a french braid down her back. Which complemented her peach colored skin. and reddish brown freckles. She was tall and had big breasts and a nice curvy figure, that she kept hidden with oversized sweatshirts or baggie jeans. She was also shy and a nerd. We went to the same high school and she was never the life of the crowd. Whereas I was always everywhere. I was Ms. Popularity at school as I knew everyone and they all knew me. During lunch she would g… Przeczytaj więcej

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Submitting to Daddy

GejAnalSeks grupowy

Hi All, this is my fourth story and is a continuation of my submission to a much older dominant man, or as I call him, Daddy. The day after Daddy had been round to my house and fucked me in the ass for the first time and I had fully submitted to him and his fat cock, he started texting me saying he wanted to increase my humiliation, kept asking if any of my female friends knew if I was bisexual, and if any would like to get fucked by him but also watch me get used by him as way of humiliation. Over the next couple of days I sent daddy some photos of my female friends, he loved telling me h… Przeczytaj więcej

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Daddy Washes My Hair Chapter 1

TabuPierwszy raz

Daddy Washes My Hair Ch. 1 This story began a number of years ago. It was a time when middle-class homes did not have central air-conditioning and most had only one bathroom. For as long as I can remember my Daddy washed my hair every Saturday night because our bathtub did not have a shower. It became something of a ritual. Sometime Mom would come in sit on the toilet and watch and chat with Dad and me. Mom often talked about how pretty I was and how I was going to break a lot of boy's hearts. I would ware only my panties so I wouldn't get my top wet. Likewise, Daddy would take his shirt off… Przeczytaj więcej

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Early Morning Neighbor

HardcoreDojrzałePierwszy raz

Early Morning Neighbor ---------- It had been a most incredible day! From start to finish, everything seemed to be going my way. An early riser, I had awoken well before dawn. As is my habit, I climb from bed, pull my terrycloth robe over my naked skin and head for the back porch. I stepped out into the cool morning air. Still dark I wait for the sunrise to appear in the east. The robe was warm, and I like the feel of the cool air, so I untied my robe belt, and let the robe hang open. Many a morning I've spent walking in the back yard in near darkness walking with my robe open and my breasts… Przeczytaj więcej

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A tipsy evening with Avril

Pierwszy razDojrzałeMasturbacja

When my husband indulged himself this summer with two golf trips, I decided I needed a short break in the sun. I was perfectly happy to take myself off to a sunny island for a long lazy week but when I told my neighbour and friend Avril about it, she suggested a twosome. Two cut a long story short, a few weeks later we found ourselves sharing a twin room in a luxury hotel in Madeira and spent a blissful time sunbathing, drinking, eating and shopping. On the last night, we decided to leave the packing until morning. We were both tired and decided to stay in, relax on the balcony, and enjoy som… Przeczytaj więcej

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My parents friend

Pierwszy razDojrzałe

I was always so excited when my parents friend dawn was coming over for dinner. She was always so nice to me and she had really really big breasts and every night she came over i think she always caught me looking at her and I always wanted her to stay so I could keep talking to her and looking at her, even though I was shy and didn’t say too much ever, and I also couldn’t wait till the end of the night when I would go to bed and rub hard thinking about her and picture her on top of me with her huge breasts hanging down while I spurted all over myself and mouthed her name and also words about… Przeczytaj więcej

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My First Gay Experience

GejPierwszy raz

This is a true account of my first gay experience at 50. A little background first. Ever since I was 19 and single I have been attracted to cock. I would buy the usual girly mags and leave them in my bedroom but most of the time I would go across town to buy gay ones. I spent many hours masturbating to the photos and stories. I would then hide them in my secret spot to enjoy again. Other than that I never did anything to quench my lust for cock. Fast forward 25 years , married with c***dren and a completely suppressed urge for cock. That is until I started to cruise the net for sex sites. I… Przeczytaj więcej

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My very best job

DojrzałeSeks grupowyFetysz

I had only been on the job as superintendent of the apartment building in Miami a couple of weeks. My job consists of maintaining the common areas of the buildings interior and attending to the simple everyday problems with plumbing, electrical and a myriad of other small items in the tenants apartments. Generally speaking, I was a handy man. For 30 odd years I was a highly paid engineer. I got tired of the rat race and chucked it all, my wife included. We never had c***dren and since I gave her everything she didn't mind too much. My third week on the job found me changing the filters in th… Przeczytaj więcej

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The upstairs woman Blanche


So, when I was fifteen we had a lady living on the 3rd floor of the building I lived in. Mrs Buonafina, was her name, but insisted I call her Blanche She loved garden and would often pay me small sums to dig up the garden, and to weed it. My parents had an arrangement, it was my job to take the trash to the street, mow the lawns, shovel the snow, fix plumbing and electrical issues – all for free. One day Blanche calls my parents and asked if they could send me upstairs to fix a leaky faucet. They said I’d be up shortly. When I get there she tells me it’s in the bathroom and to go in. Once I g… Przeczytaj więcej

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does anal count??


Billy sat at the kitchen table feeling depressed. Another night out with friends, another night of flirting with girls that led to blue-balls instead of getting laid or making any real connections. It had been so long. He was so lonely. On top of it all he was living at home with his mom. She was definitely a "cool" mom. "She's awesome." he thought. They had a very open and honest relationship and she didn't really place any stupid restrictions on him like some parents. "And she's beautiful." In her early fifties, she was still in shape and hot, as his friends often let him know, much to his… Przeczytaj więcej

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How I calmed a frightened my daughter. Chapter 1

TabuPierwszy razMasturbacja

My daughter Sara couldn't stand thunderstorms. She'd even get the shit scared out of her if she even heard of a severe thunderstorm warning on television. If I was home, she'd come running to me, clinging on for dear life, even inside our house where it was safe. It was never easy to calm her fears. I don't know if it was because of the sudden flashes of lightning, or the claps of thunder that followed. When she was very young, it was cute. But now she just became a teenager, and it's getting to be a bothersome. We had more than our storms this year. It was very warm, but rather muggy. We ha… Przeczytaj więcej

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One Rainy Saturday with Aunt Bea

DojrzałeTabuPierwszy raz

I have to admit that I am the product of a single parent mom who does quite well by me. She has the help of her sister, Beatrice, and between them I am one pampered c***d if you want to consider late teens in the c***d category. To add to these unique circumstances, both my dad and Aunt Bea's husband were casualties of the Vietnam conflict. Much to my misfortune I never met either of these men so yours truly, Roger, was raised from birth by these two lovely and wonderful women. Behind two lovely sets of boobs I had a mother and father, and an aunt and an uncle. For example, my mom has finally… Przeczytaj więcej

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The biker chick

DojrzałeHardcorePierwszy raz

I’ve been selling housewares for Macy’s for 20 years now. I love using my cheerful, personality to meet and help new people. It doesn’t hurt that I’m good looking for a 50 year-old guy, kind of a poor man’s Tom Cruise. I get to meet a fair share of women and sometimes when they are my type we become close friends. They have to be my age, nice, real and fun. Most important of all they have to be big. I’ve made friends with tall women, short women, dominant women, submissive women, busty women, pear shapes, all kinds of women, just as long as they’re on the large side. Last week I was absolute… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Couple Next Door

HardcorePierwszy razSeks międzyrasowy

Story 12 The Couple Next Door I am a white girl in my teens, and have nice long shapely legs, blonde hair down to my waist, a tiny bottom, and a cute little face. ( or so I'm told ) I recently moved into a rented house in town so that it would be easier for me to attend the local college, and being nosy, I was keen to meet my next door neighbours. It all started when I was hanging out some undies that had just come out of the washing machine on a hot sunny day in the middle of July, when I heard a deep voice saying “Good morning, my name is Bruno; what's yours” ? I turned around, and in th… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.5

Pierwszy razLesbijki

Later that evening, we were in my room where we all got undressed. I alternated kissing both of them, going to Brit, then Lori. Then they'd both kiss each other, as I sucked on their tits. They would then embrace each other. I would kneel down, spreading Brit ass apart, licking her crack and asshole. Then I'd turn them around so now I was doing the same to Lori. They got on the bed, where they continued to make out. Brit spread her legs apart, bending one placing her foot on the bed. I dove in eating out her luscious cunt. She was then pushed down on her back as Lori began squeezing and suck… Przeczytaj więcej

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Degraded MILF forced to watch young daughter get fucked


Whore. Pain. Humiliation. Degradation. Slut. :) This tail comes from the filthy depths of my depraved, kinky, nasty, insane, mind. Which is where it stays folks!!! Know that this is fantasy only, not real, ever. Meaning please, please don’t really hurt people... In my brain is where it stays and lives forever... but pretend, let your imagination run wild... Prologue: 3 large, muscular, fit, intimidating men cruised slowly behind her, “there she is man, right on schedule” said the bulky bearded 30 something one (Beard Man) sitting in the back passenger side seat of the black… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Brother's Boy

Pierwszy razGej

I am a G**** Farmer, have 5 aches and the summer between his junior & senior year my nephew Ed came to work for my-he was 17 and turned 18 in July so don't feel like I was Robbing the Cradle. He was on the HS Wrestling Team and worked out beautiful young man 5'10", about 160 LBS, blond very curly hair, green eyes worked out like a champ very well defined. Will give you his important measurements when I take them. I wanted him that's for Damn Sure but made no really open moves or said any thing. That next day up and 5 am and we headed to the northern edge of my property to start repairing… Przeczytaj więcej

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Daddy Washes My Hair Ch 2

TabuPierwszy razAnal

Daddy Washes My Hair Ch. 2 Daddy and I slept together, having a wonderful week, before Mom came home. The last thing we did at night was to fuck and the first thing we did in the morning was to suck and fuck. The day Mom was to return Daddy was called out of town on business so Mom and I were home alone. I knew Mom and Dad had talked on the phone but I didn't know if Dad had told Mom about our shampoo session. Mom seemed out of sorts when she walked in the house so I was sure she had heard about us and was mad at me. I asked if she was all right. She told me she was just tired as she and Au… Przeczytaj więcej

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I seduced Mom

DojrzałeTabuPierwszy raz

I had known that I wanted my mother since I first became sexually aroused. I would look at porn mags and think of what a woman must look like in the flesh. I would pretend to accidentally walk in on her at different times, seeing her body and recording it in my memory. I suspected as time went on and I grew older that she knew they weren't all accidental occurrences. I also noticed that she seemed to at times allow this to occur. Whether this was the case or not I could never bring myself to do anything about it. The social taboos and feelings of a mother son relationship were more than I… Przeczytaj więcej

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What happens under the covers...


Chapter One “This will surely go down in the record books as the storm of the century.” The meteorologist’s voice bellowed from the 32 inch flat TV screen. That was the last thing Sarah Sheldon heard before the lights flickered, once…twice, and then everything went dark. Her body stiffened, paralyzed by her fear of storms. “Shit!” she shrieked. “Daddy…? The power’s out!” Of course he would have already figured that one out for himself, but Sarah had been afraid of storms for as long as she could remember and the idea of sitting alone, staring at nothing but darkness, made her petite body s… Przeczytaj więcej

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So that's what a "Gloryhole" is...

PodglądanieMasturbacjaPierwszy raz

I have lived a very strict and overly protected life. My mom is a tiger mom. Recently she has been over really busy, and I've gotten a little bit more freedom. Thank God! One of my friends, Lidia, has taken advantage of this. We've been driving around town, hanging out and just having a blast! The other day she took me to an adult video arcade called "Mimi's". Ok, first off, it was stinky, like cleaning products and a bad toilet. I guess it was supposed to be $2 to get in, but they let us slide on it. The place was pretty empty. We looked around in the DVD area for a bit, then Lidia asked wha… Przeczytaj więcej

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Catching my wife, Part 4

Seks grupowyHardcore

My mind really began to wander… *What was really going on over at ‘book-club’* I would often ask myself. The following week went quickly with little to no discussion. Things seemed normal, yet I was full of questions. When my wife announced the reoccurring, scheduled Book-club night at Connie’s, I seized the opportunity to ask: “What don’t we plan to get together with Connie and Stan this weekend?" I asked, hoping to see them again and fish for San’s impression of ‘Book-club’. “I’ll ask her tonight” my wife replied. “Is that what you’d like?” “Sure” I quickly shot back. “They’re nice and… Przeczytaj więcej

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Seduced by my Stepmother

DojrzałeSex humorHardcore

When I was still young my mother died in a car accident, and for the next few years it was just me and my father Ted. My father did his best for me, but he could never fill my mothers shoes, but then as I reached my late teens he met another woman called Mary. Mary was a tall redheaded woman in her mid thirties, she had an amazing figure that she looked after with regular trips to the gym, and the few times I saw her in a bathing suit I could see why my father liked her so much. It wasn't long before they got married, and once again I had a mother, even if it was just a step one. Once Mary mov… Przeczytaj więcej

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Bed and Breakfast

PodglądanieTabuPierwszy raz

Bed and Breakfast By Wonder_Dad Story #09 I finally arranged to visit my client's private country club farm; I got a late start driving and was falling asleep at the wheel forcing me to make a stopover for the night. I happened to see a tiny almost invisible sign for a bed and breakfast just past a small town merely miles from the farm. It was a quaint two-story farmhouse, and as I drove up, I was met in the yard by a lovely woman in her early fifties. Her breasts rippled underneath the loose fitting tee shirt under her bib overalls, as she appeared on the driveway in front of me. I steppe… Przeczytaj więcej

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Threesome with the maid

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I recently decided to hire a maid to maintain my house. Though I often work from home, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to keep up with the cleaning the way I'd like to, so I justified the cost. Stephanie has been coming over to clean every other week for the past three months, and until recently knew very little about my personal life. This past week I happened to be working at home on her day to clean. She is trusted and has a key, so I'm not always there, but this day I was. She arrived and began cleaning as usual, saying hello but not minding my presence much more after that. She is a ve… Przeczytaj więcej

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My First Anal

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This is my third story and a continuation of the previous two, so you may want to read the others first to catch up. It had been a few days since i had sucked Sirs cock in his car and i hadn’t heard anything from him, i had started to think he was no longer interested in me as i knew he always got plenty of offers from both men and women. During the days after sucking Sirs fat cock, me and my girlfriend had barely seen each other as both working, because of this there had been no sexual contact, except for a little innocent peck on the lips. I was just about to climb into bed with my girlfr… Przeczytaj więcej

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Even Mom Can't Resist

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I found this story some time back, saved it. My family doesn't qualify as poverty level Americans, but we certainly don't rank among the wealthy either. We get along, but still most of the parents' spats are over money or the lack thereof. That's why it was so baffling to all of us when I learned that my Uncle Seth had left me an inheritance. He wasn't much better off; if as well off, as our family. He was still single at age fifty-four when he went off to never-never land due to natural causes so the coroner said. Most of the family considered him to be an old grouch and mal-content. The… Przeczytaj więcej

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Catching my wife, Part 5

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I leaned down, at Connie’s verbal and physical encouragement, and took a cautiously slow lap at my wife’s red and sensitive looking pussy. It’s then that I noticed that my wife’s vulva was smoother around the sides than I had ever noticed before. She still had a short tuff of hair above the cleft of her folds, yet the sides were as if she never had any hair whatsoever! It because of her new smoothness that I was able to see how puffy and red the outside of her vulva was… I couldn’t quite understand why, but at that moment, I only wanted to tenderly lap at her. The first lick was almost intoxic… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Pasters Thai Wife

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Wow where to begin. I occasionally go to a Baptist church in my neighborhood. Well the congregation is primarily asian and other races. Only caucasians are ones like me married to an asian. Well the pastor has a thai wife who is 48 and very very well kept. Always dressed to impress. Well the women were doing a bake sale so one evening I was home alone. Watching some porn on my phone and had the TV on for background noise. The door rang and it was Noime. The pastors wife. Looking her usual stepped outta a fashion mag. She was supposed to be meeting my wife for something. Well I invited her in a… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Boss insists with my wife


That Tuesday afternoon I had asked my Boss to leave the office early. I was feeling a bit tired and wanted get home to spend some time with my lovely wife. I was surprised arriving at home; when I found my Boss’s car parked at our driveway. The bastard had been talking last weeks about Ana and how he would fuck her in front of me… I felt then Ana would be sucking him in that moment, or something even worst… But I was wrong. After grabbing a beer from the kitchen I went to the main bedroom; but I could not find them there. Then I saw they both were at the back yard, close to the pool. My B… Przeczytaj więcej

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Quick Business Trip


This just happen yesterday, I had to go out of town for a quick business trip to the panhandle of Texas about a 7 hour drive from where I live. I aske my wife if she wanted to ride along with me for the fun of it. She readily agreed to go with me. I told her it might be best if she took an over night bag with her as if it was to late we get a room somewhere. We woke early AM like 3:00 AM, was loaded and on the road by 3:30 AM. My wife was still sleepy so she relaxed in the passenger seat and drifted off to sleep. I stayed focused on the driving and was making good time. The sun had come up a… Przeczytaj więcej

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Mother and Daughter


Mother and Daughter part one Now that I’m getting on a bit and nearing retiring age things are not normally all that exciting on the sexual front but that changed not too long ago. I have been seeing a nice divorced lady in her late 40’s for a few years now, Linda has light hair a small frame and is fairly trim and ever since I showed her there was more to sex than the missionary position she has been a real handful in bed, certainly can’t complain about the frequency or variation. I usually visit once or twice a week. Linda has two married daughters Belinda and Melinda, Belinda is a fair b… Przeczytaj więcej

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Wife fucks hubbys best friend

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Cheating wife with best friend Cheating wife with best friend This story takes place about 4 years ago when my husband was away on business. The company my husband works for had asked him to go away for a few days for training, my husband knows I don't like being alone and as much as I like hanging out with women I generally prefer male company so hubby said to me why don't you get Adam to come over for tea and chill with your for the evenings ( Adam is my husband's closest friend). On the day of my husband leaving to travel I arranged with Adam to come round for dinner and then chill to w… Przeczytaj więcej

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