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Where it began.


A friend of mine told me I should write a book about all the things that have happened to me in my life. I have known this friend since before I got married so it,s been about 35 or so years. We have a lot of mutual friends, in fact my last relationship was with someone he introduced to me. That relationship is still going on but not with the same intensity as before, at one point we lived together for 6 years but now it,s just a sexual relationship, nothing more. She still is working but I have since retired. But I suppose, the more interesting part of my life has been in the last 20 years, a… Przeczytaj więcej

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My son wanted his mother -3-

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I drove around for about an hour then went home. Nothing more happened that night except for Debbie and I fucking the night away. We did the same thing a few more times and both of us really enjoyed the excitement of our son getting off watching his mother. I was in hopes things would go a little further. Like him being able to somehow touch her or something like that. She told me even though she did get very excited from what our son was doing that she was satisfied with the two of us getting it on after the fact. I told her she must be driving Jimmy crazy by now and I was sure he needed to… Przeczytaj więcej

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The next step on the road to me being a regular co


Introduction: After my reintroduction to cock things progress ways i did & also didnt expect . In my last post i told of how i was reintroduced to enjoying cock and also the newer pleasures of being submissive, obedient,an exhibitionist and best a slut as i could for a horny guy using me.Later after being used over my car bonnet and having time to think about it and fantasize about what i wanted to happen to me next time. Well i decided to take out an ad on a website catering to bi/gay guys meeting up and set up an advert looking for single guys who wanted to fuck and wel… Przeczytaj więcej

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My unexpected re education ,addiction and descent

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Introduction: An encounter that awakened the dormant slut and whore within me Im your average mid 30's guy, reasonably good looking and always done well with the ladies.I've had some fanasticly erotic and also some perverted times with a select few ladies storys for another time perhaps. But this post concerns the awakening of my very submissive bi side quite by accident late one night and what followed it. Like most males had the usual moments of homosexual experimentation so to speak- a couple of friends and i would show ourselves off to each other and wank each other off, It was w… Przeczytaj więcej

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Kat's Latin Lover


Kissing at the Train Station My wife was attending a company training near Chicago. I took the opportunity to come along on the trip to sightsee while she attended her training sessions during the day and in the evening we would go out and eat, drink, and enjoy life. Near the end of our weeklong trip we took the train into the city for bar hopping and dinner with some of her training buddies. When we returned to the train station very late that night I offered to give rides to the hotel where our new friends were staying sin… Przeczytaj więcej

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Sunday night at the pub

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Annie and Emma were spending the weekend at my place. Cold, snow outside spend most of the weekend at home either snuggled up in front of the open log fire or in my big bed. Sunday night time to venture out to my local pub just down the lane, two minutes away. We arrived in time for our booking and ordered a bottle of Sancerre to start with. Annie was beautiful as ever, revealing short black dress backless and almost front-less too. Just about covering her boobs, well until she moved!! Emma wore a fetching green number, slit to her thigh and a very deep plunging neckline. I myself opte… Przeczytaj więcej

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Sandi my model wife. (with pix)


For 47 wonderful years my beloved wife was not only the apple of my eye, but my favorite model as well. I first dated her at the suggestion of my dad, the only time I ever took his advice "You really ought to date this girl, she has great legs." He told me. She did, and she knew how to use them to drive me crazy. She knew I had a thing for lingerie, cameras and especially stockings and high heels. Every chance she got she wore them for me. Here are some examples of the G-rated outfits she wore and what was under it. This first outfit was one of the earliest, she told me she wanted to play st… Przeczytaj więcej

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Enslaved Chapter 50


That same morning, Quentin Osman’s sailing yacht lay far out to sea, heaved-to. A sea-anchor trailed over the stern. The morning was pleasantly warm and lolling in a deck-chair, Quentin was using a pair of powerful binoculars. He was using them discreetly, bringing them only fractionally above the ship’s rail. They were focussed on another vessel further out to sea... a small, luxury motor cruiser. It, too, was stationary. Damn it, where is the woman, said Quentin under his breath? Why doesn’t she take a swim? He glanced at his watch. It was overdue. For this was by no means the first time th… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Boy Next Door


This morning i have a list of things to do . My morning tennis match and coffee with old friends which i have done for the last 10 years its boring. Do some grocery shopping at the local shops. Maybe some window shopping before getting my nails done. My every other day 5km run and work out. As i contemplate my day, i am dressed in a short japanese style bathrobe , eating my healthy breakfast thinking about the events over the last few days. i feel the heat of my loins grow . I put down my cutlery and let my fingers wander down between my legs. My pussy is leaking juices , i close my eyes, as m… Przeczytaj więcej

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In The Mind of Jayce Dragon

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So i have been into this foot fetish adventure since I was 17. Definitely upped my game over the years and learned a lot about myself in the process. My taste in beautiful feet differs but I know what kind of feet makes me tick. I will start off from bigger feet. I'll talk about: soles, toes, wrinkles, etc. I will include women I have met with and women I haven't--compare and contrast. If you read this chime in and comment or whatever but I do appreciate you taking a glance. The kind of soles I like are ones that are wide and with curvy horizontal wrinkles. I also love soles that look athleti… Przeczytaj więcej

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The end to "teen and the business man, part 3


It was like one long mini orgasm. It felt like I was In constant state of being on the edge, about to come. It was a feeling that would and could and did, become addictive. As Jon's full, thick, veiny, delicious, manly and beautiful cock continued to pound into me, my precum continued to leak out of me. With each thrust, my semi hard cock flung back and forth, maintaining my ecstasy. With his hands gripping my hips, and his cock deep inside me, Jon said, "you like my cock in you, baby?" Calling me "baby" seemed odd, I wasn't a girl, but I began to embrace it, to love it, "Yes, baby , yes!" I c… Przeczytaj więcej

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Friday Funday


Friday, and the efficiency at the office where Laura was working was winding down, most of her colleagues were thinking of the weekend and the plans they had made, but Laura had been buzzing with a restless energy all day long. By lunch time she had made a decision, she was going to clock off early, thank God for flexible working hours. In a very uncustomary way she caught a taxi home instead of the bus, and was almost running up the stairs to the small house that she shared with her partner David. She glanced at the clock on her iPhone, she had about 90 minutes before he would be home. Her ha… Przeczytaj więcej

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Silent Waters Run Deep


I would never have guessed how naughty this girl was, but I'm so glad I found out! We have been friends for quite some time, me and Angela. We met via mutual friends, hung out at parties and at home. Angela is in every way your typical young women next door. A bit on the chubby side, blonde hair at shoulder length, always properly and modestly dressed. Everybody would agree she had the cutest smile on her pretty face. And for me it was certainly that pretty face that drew me to her. She just always had that little look in her eyes that seemed to tell me she could be into me. But I could never… Przeczytaj więcej

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A Welcomed Thank You


In my early to mid 30's, I rented an old but charming apartment in a trendy downtown suburb. It's location and exquisite appearance made up for it's lack of central air. It was mid May when I found myself in the grungy basement of the 6 unit building in search of my window A/C unit. With unit in hand I began to make my way through the dimly lit storage area. Before the stairway there was a small laundry area off to the left. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a petite blonde bent over in a laundry basket in front of a dryer. I wouldn't have noticed her if it weren't for her tone… Przeczytaj więcej

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Ex girlfriend helps out


A short true story, apart from the names. My girlfriend Emma and I had split up about 6 months before, to be honest we just drifted apart so it wasn't too difficult. I did miss the sex though, it was never amazing but my cock always felt good buried deep in her wet pussy and she would give good head too letting me cum in her mouth. So 6 months later I hadn't had any more pussy and she had moved in with her new boyfriend Gavin who had been a mutual friend. Anyway, it was just as well we were still on good terms as we had to work together. One Friday after work a group of us were heading out f… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Spa Treatment


I sat impatiently in the large waiting room of the Touch Of Paradise Spa, I was bouncing my leg trying to distract myself as I sat along with two women and six other men for what felt like ages, we were all wearing nothing but a long, thick gray cotton robe that shielded our bodies from one another. I was there to get the Milk Of Life Treatment, I didn’t know much about it except that my friend Max recommended it to me. “Mr. Gomez?!” a young woman called out walking into the room through a large metal door at the back of the room, “that’s me!” I said excitedly as I sprang up out of m seat, “pl… Przeczytaj więcej

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Crowded Bar

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Crowded Bar ---------- This Story is fictional although it might have occurred with embellishments added. ---------- The first time I stopped at this bar, drawn in strictly because of 'Live Music' sign posted in the window. Dirty would not come close to describing the place. The smell of stale beer hit my nose as I entered. There were maybe a dozen people, a few couples sitting down, and a few old men at the bar, sipping tall beers. Each table had an ashtray and under that, posters for the band with play dates and locations. I almost turned and ran back to my car, when the band started play… Przeczytaj więcej

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Mom pussy

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The following is a narrative shared from a real mom - until just after the shower scene - then my OediPal, KiwiSailor, helped me edit and complete the narrative based on the true facts of her confessions. Just like Tom_Hathaway and Tuballcain, Julie is an actual person that I can vouch for, who experienced a positive sexual relationship with her son. Oediplex 8==3~ I have one c***d (Robert) and I have been given my 'Freedom Papers' recently from my ex-hubby. I work as a stripper and do erotic posing for a couple of photographers, including my best friend and lover, Karen. [Email me if you a… Przeczytaj więcej

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Mother and Sister

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When I was 16 I lived with my parents and my older sister. She was studying body therapy, so twice a week she came home with a girlfriend colleague to practice massage in the afternoon, after classes. They took turns in practicing, and of course they enjoyed themselves. Both my parents work and arrive in the evening, so they had some privacy. They obviously undressed in the massage table and only covered their bodies with a towel, which they were removing to reveal the massaged area. That was actually too bad, but we lived in a small house and my sister and I shared a room, so I always found… Przeczytaj więcej

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