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Pleasure Vistas – a new Old seniors sex saga!

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Introduction- old age comes to all of us. Some seniors give up on sex. But others are more adventurous or want to continue with an inhibited and active sex life (or fetishes) or want to try new erotic and sexual sensations they missed out on when younger or could not find the right compatible partner with similar interests or were afraid to try things. This saga could run and run. Here is the background...... Pleasure Vistas retirement village was strictly for highly sexed (and hopefully perverted) over 55s. It was a new place just built by Jason who, when married, was forc… Przeczytaj więcej

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Suzanna´s tale part 1

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It was summer; the streets in the city was empty because every-one was on vacation or back home with their old folks. At least most people that Suzette knew. She had turned 21 a few month earlier and since she now had her bachelor´s degree, she had moved out of her old dorm and into a cheap but crappy one bedroom apartment downtown, while trying to find a job. She was also broke and bored. One Wednesday morning she borrowed her neighbor´s car and drove out to her old dorm, where she still had a couple of boxes stored. With a little luck she might be able to get one of the caretakers to help… Przeczytaj więcej

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Tony and Pat find mutual kinky delight


Her lovely arse was the first thing I saw as those swollen buttocks swiveled from side to side as she passed to park herself at the adjacent table. Now I have a thing about mature ladies who wear girdles and just the thought that she could be wearing one sent tingles to my groin and my imagination into overdrive. She was smart and quite nice and so I smiled and she obligingly returned it. Nothing unusual there – she was just being polite, wasn't she? As she swiveled round to speak to the waiter I noticed that her dress was short… Przeczytaj więcej

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This story is about a friend of my wife.Her name is Olga and wife of one of my friend.Her husband is a very rich jewellery.They are our friend since many years.Olga , 41 years old , 175 cm. tall and has black hair and beautiful face and white skin.Actually, she should be a model.She has long legs and very sexy hips.I'm a foot and leg fetishist ,I always stare at legs and feet.And Olga's feet and hands are always well-groomed.Her foot size almost 9 (41).She has always pink or red nail polish on her feet and hands.People stares at her several times when she walks in the street.Long legs, sexy hi… Przeczytaj więcej

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Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease) Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – 6th Chapter My dick now hung like a dry sausage, and my bum hole still pulsed from the invasion it endured. But Flavius was an a****l. His Bla… Przeczytaj więcej

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Fun with Anita


I enjoy spending as much time together with Anita as I can as she is nymphomaniac and she is always open to trying new things, it doesn't hurt that she is 100% jaw dropping sexy either. We were hanging out at home Friday evening Anita and I were in our gym I was doing my free weight routines and she was doing yoga I was finished and was going to shower when Anita said hey baby as she finished her last pose upward dog, I want you to hypnotize me I want to feel what being hypnotized is like I know I have asked you many times to hypnotize me on stage and you won't do it and I understand why, but… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Glory Hole@ 2015


Sylvia and Judy at the Glory Hole The Glory Hole A much older Silkie tells this story to her daughter Mistye about her teenage adventures: "I''d had boys in my ass before, in fact, I often preferred it to vaginal sex because I was so small. I hadn't had anybody or anything like MIguel before. He wasn't trying to hurt me, that just that way it was. I was really tiny there. probably a lot like you. I don't have to tell you how it feels to get fucked really super hard He came in my insides like three elephants. Three elephants in mad love was more like it. I'd had that feeling of boys squirt… Przeczytaj więcej

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 15

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Out of Afrika A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 15 The consolidation of Rhino’s influence throughout the state had resulted in an atmosphere of calm and contentment amongst the population. Nobody could recall in any great detail how polarized and sexually segmented society had been prior to the company’s arrival in Hawksville but there was universal agreement with how good life had now become since Rhino had taken root. Following the agreements made with the state’s government and legislature, which effectively embedded the objective… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Sex education model

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I became a sex education model. One day I was having a coffee with my good friend Debbie. She’s about my age, slim and attractive and single, a fact that always amazed me as she is so attractive. She’s a teacher at the local girls’ boarding school and I was asking her how her job was going… “Fine. It’s getting to that time of year when I have to do sex education and you know what I feel about that” Smirk. I knew that unlike every other teacher, she actually enjoyed giving the classes on the birds and the bees. So much so, that her fellow teachers would ask her to cover for them and do the c… Przeczytaj więcej

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First Blowjob

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I finally decided to go down on this guy I like for the first time – really, the first time, as in my first time, ever – and here I am having to encounter balls for the first time. I mean, I finally got up the nerve to give a blowjob, months and in some cases even years after my friends, had just begun to get a little confidence about the idea of me with a dick in my mouth for the first time, when this douchebag has to lift up his sweaty sack and lay it right on my mouth. Great. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? But me? I’m nothing if not a trooper. I’ve skated hard for like eight… Przeczytaj więcej

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Hardcore Discipline:


Since I have been writing about discipline and punishment, I might as well go into some more hardcore discipline I’ve had long after I moved away from home. I have served as a submissive—in roleplays, not as a lifestyle—to three different Dominant Men. The discipline has been physical, of course, but that has little meaning useless there is a psychological component. That component gives you a real desire to serve and please Him. Since He knows and respects your limits—although He may push boundaries at times—things don’t get out of hand like some seem to believe. If it does, you are with th… Przeczytaj więcej

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Camping trip

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The summer after my 19th birthday, my parents let me go away on a week’s camping holiday with three friends: Mandy, Sam and Chris. We’d all been friends since primary school, and though we’d gone off to different secondary schools we’d still kept in touch. Some old friends of theirs had a farm in west Wales, and they often used to go up there and pitch a couple of tents on a field down by the lake. This time, her parents agreed to stay with the friends actually in the farmhouse, so we had a bit more freedom to camp by ourselves. I suppose they felt they could keep an eye on us that way, with… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Video Shoot - Helping Out

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I'd been a fairly regular attendee at our local photography society, and had enjoyed club sessions and socials, even the critique evenings when you had to submit a photo for an expert to judge. My work had been pretty well received and I'd got to know a few other members quite well. It was as a recent meeting was ending that Mike, a semi-professional photographer, came up to me and asked if I'd consider being his assistant at an upcoming assignment. None of the people who usually help him had turned up and he said he thought that I was trustworthy, not just with the equipment handling and so o… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-8

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Suddently i Feel wetnesss on my naked smooth Spine my god he start to lick my naked spineeee he lick it soo roughly, he covered my whole upper Spine, shoulders and sometime my naked upper arm also. Goddddd i start moaning and in excitement i rotate my Ass more forcefully and i almost Cruched his monster cock with my Firm Ass. Heee now lick myyy whole Spineee Rotatinggg his tonguee on my smooth spien surfaceeeee he lapping his tongue on it, he make my spine wet with his saliva then lick his own saliva from my Spine. Sherkhan issss 55 year olddd, but i feel he iss master to make any lady… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-7

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Saif : OOOOOOO haaaaaaa oooooooo godddddddddddddd mmmmmm your pusy seems so tight nowwwwwwwwwwww. MMMMMMMMMMMM. Ken : Goddddddddddddd Saifbhai mmmmmmm I really shocked to know that my mom take two cock in her pusy, and one is mine. Saif then laying on my body his chest on my boobs, Pressing it so hard, and then he start to fuck me hard in slow but strong in and out movement, while Ken is make his cock fully in. My whole Firm Ass cheek Crushing so hard between Ken’s strong thigh, And my groin area banging so badly by Saif’s Strong Groin. I am sandwich between two strong guy. They make my s… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-6

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Then after she goes in bath freshning her self and come in room wearing tight Tshirt and loose Jeans. And salim see her from toes to head, she is wearing sleevless Tshirt, and she is looking soo sexy in it. As i am in Saree. I see Both Salim and Saif and my son also stare my Sister like they fuck her any time. And so i afraid for it. My sister not know what they did with me in last month. Salim : Reema Aunty as u not know but we are also plan to make movie. Can u see our first movie which we made. Reema : OO yess why nott it is my pleasure. God what he says, i afraid what they want to s… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-5

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In boobs massage u used just your boobs to massage Customer whole naked body. (OO godddd i shocked to hear this.) and in this massage only your boobs are naked and customer are ful authority to used it for 1 hour. In Ass cheek massage u used just your Smooth big wide and firm ass cheek to massage customer whole nak… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-4

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With lots of shame i says Yes sir. And as i finished to serve him as per salim instruction i going under that table and first i take Aslam's Cock in my mouth goddd and it is so hard and when he take food its cock is charged with that and become more and more growing. Salim : Why i want your mouth on our cocks when we taken food u know. Because We are eat more food if someone taking our cocks in her mouth with laughs he says. Godddddddd he is realy think i am bitch not a human being. But i have to do what… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-3

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And i up and down my mouth on saif monster with spankign my own ass cheek hard with my own hands as Saif enjoying my mouth on his cocks hard surface and Ken and salim enjoying seeing an INdian Widow spanking her ass cheek and sucking black cock. As loud noice of spanking surrouding in hall SATAK, SATAK, SATAK, SATAKKKKKKkgodddd and i myself spanking my ass. And Saif moaning loudly also my lips brushing his hairy balls when i taking his cock totaly in my mouth soo deep. And when saif cock is hard again he push it forcefully in my mouth and says me Saif : Now u bitch i am cumming so swoll… Przeczytaj więcej

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My Son Made me his Friends Whore-2

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Salim souted to me walking quickly not stoping and I am tearing and try to make my ass cheek swaying more to stop the spanking they did. But as I swaying my ass cheek more they are become more wild and then they are take the moving ass cheek in there each open palm and feeling it’s movement and softness. I continuing wal… Przeczytaj więcej

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