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The Vist (pt 2)

AnalPierwszy raz

... Watching her arse wiggle as she climbed the stairs. Mmmm I gonna fuck that I thought to myself. Di had let me fuck her arse once before but that was a couple of years ago, She was not sure about… Przeczytaj więcej

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My First CD experience with a female


... I had been a private CD for years, any and every chance I could get to dress up, hehe. I had built quite a collection of sexy outfits from slutty dresses to classy Basque & suspender sets… Przeczytaj więcej

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Vitoria secrets

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... We both looked at one another as if we were studying each other, almost like we were strangers. She was letting her natural blonde hair grow out of the highlights she always wore with me and I had put… Przeczytaj więcej

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... i get to your house a little earlier than i figured i could get there. you meet me happily at the door, wrapping your arms around me, squeezing me tight against you. you smell so nice, strawberries… Przeczytaj więcej

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С девчонкой!


... Привет всем это мой первый рассказ, но их будет много! Все имена изменены. Меня зовут Наташа мне 22 года. Хочу рассказать про себя. Я брюнетка с большими голубыми глазами, мой рост 183. Я стройная… Przeczytaj więcej

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Control Part 2


... The lovers lay there together, wrapped up in one another and basking in the shine of the previous climax they'd reached together. With Care he gently ran his fingers through her hair and looked… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Lake P2


... As Rob’s fist found its way into his friend Jake’s thick hair, and his rigid cockmeat pulsed against his buddy’s soft lips and slippery tongue, he had that moment of disbelief that suddenly flashes… Przeczytaj więcej

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Lorena [intro]


... Era el verano de 2003 cuando viajé a Burgos para visitar a un amigo. Pasé varios días en su casa, una noche entró al messenger (aquellos tiempos era la gran novedad) y hubo una que me llamó… Przeczytaj więcej

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In the Lightning, In the Rain


... Lum and Ataru were walking home in the rain one cloudy afternoon. She clung lovingly, and tenaciously, to his arm underneath their umbrella as she was known to do. The poor weather had already sent… Przeczytaj więcej

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The new summer job part 11

GejSeks grupowy

... When Daniel went back to the car, his girlfriend was furious. She demanded to know where he'd been. "No where," was all he said as he started the car and left the drive-in before the movie had… Przeczytaj więcej

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Waves of intense pleasure Part 1


... This is the first part of a story I’m about to write. It’s quite short but I’m planning to extend the following parts. I hope you enjoy it and feel to comment or make any suggestions… Przeczytaj więcej

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MIchele's Mistake - 6

BDSMSeks grupowyLesbijki

... Chapter One After a lovely weekend with Everett, it was back to school and work for the rest of the week. As before, he would text me and tell me what to wear each day. In turn, I would text… Przeczytaj więcej

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The Martini affair


... I was having a drink at the crowbar in Chicago when I noticed her amidst all the gaymen around. After being pissed by all the rude and intrusive men I had found secluded spot at a lonely bar stool… Przeczytaj więcej

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Aventură în stil grecesc

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... Povestea nu e noua si probabil se intampla in aproape toate cuplurile casatorite de mai mult de 7 ani. Clasic: iubire ca in filmele din anii 60, nunta si inceput de casatorie ca in basmele cu Fat… Przeczytaj więcej

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Il bagno notturno


... Deborah ha sempre adorato il mare. Il rumore dell'acqua che si infrange contro gli scogli ma una cosa in particolare l'attirava più di tutte e che voleva assolutamente provare: il bagno di notte… Przeczytaj więcej

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Mounted on the Broom


... You have gone to the hardware and bought a broom. The purpose of the broom is not to clean your apartment. Instead, its purpose is to provide you with yet another way to torment your body for our… Przeczytaj więcej

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Color Poll


... Sub-hub's pussy has become a bit unmanageable lately. I blame myself, really. It was I who made him crop it nice and neat this winter, but have not been consistent in having him groom… Przeczytaj więcej

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I had this wonderful feeling

Seks grupowy

... I had this wonderful feeling groaned prefer loud, but it was not. Because Andre had squatted over my face so I could suck his balls. I did it full of greed, let his egg roll in my mouth and enjoyed… Przeczytaj więcej

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Çintopu sayesinde özlediğim sex


... Ah şu fanteziler yok mu.. Başımdan o kadar çok şey geçmiş ki, ne zaman değişik bir pozisyon yada benzer birşey görsem internette, ah diyorum bunu ben de yapmıştım. Ama Kamil abiyle ama yalandıkça… Przeczytaj więcej

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... It was your birthday. Guests already pretty d***k, all talk, that your husband - then told them at the other end of the table. Place next to you empty, and I sat on it. After another toast, I put his… Przeczytaj więcej

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